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11 Sep 2017
The Best Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas

Choosing to be a dog owner when you live in an apartment means you have a lot of things to consider! Your list of “must-haves” for an apartment may be much different than someone who doesn’t own a pupper. Depending on the size of your pooch, you might need to look at apartment communities with a very lenient pet policy. And who likes walking down three flights of stairs just to take your dog outside at 11 p.m.? Nobody! So a first floor unit might be what you’re looking for.

But as dog owners have become more vocal, apartments in Dallas are doing a great job of paying attention. There are things like on-site dog parks, dog wash stations, even units that have private yards to eliminate any extra work on your part. That’s pretty cool! With these conveniences, it’s become much easier to have a dog while living in an apartment. Truthfully, dogs now can live in the big city and have an exceptional life. Whether you own a small corgi or a large labrador retriever, there’s an apartment in Dallas that has everything you need. These are some of the best pet friendly apartments in Dallas.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - The Kontour at Kessler Park

Kontour at Kessler Park

If you are a fan of big dogs that love to run, like Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, Huskies, Cattle dogs…you might be concerned about their lack of space in a traditional apartment. If your dog can eat off your kitchen counter without getting on two legs, yeah, an apartment life might seem kind of inconvenient! This community breaks all your previous conceptions about having bigger dogs in an apartment. Kontour at Kessler Park sits on TEN acres of land. They have a huge wooded dog park with space to really run for your pooch! You’ll feel like the best dog parent ever, giving them the freedom they love. Even better? Many of these units come with fenced-in yards. It’s the perfect haven for pet lovers in Dallas.

Ilume Park

Some dogs like to run, some dogs like to swim. If the annual “pooch swim” at your local pool isn’t enough for your pet, Ilume Park might be the perfect apartment for you. They actually have a bone shaped pool just for dogs. Did we also mention that it is complete with a fire hydrant sprayer? If your dog doesn’t worship the ground you walk on already, they will once you move in here. These apartment units also have private yards available, as well as not just one, but two enclosed dog parks. You can have all the pet bonding you want without ever having to leave home (which means, your car will have a lot less slobber and dog hair won’t be your regular work accessory)! After your pup gets out of the pool? Give them a quick wash at the on site pet salon. It’s doggie paradise.
Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - Crest at Oak Park

Crest at Oak Park

We love the Crest at Oak Park community. It’s perfectly situated in between Love Field and the Dallas North Tollway (what a great location, especially if you are a frequent flyer!). The property is simply stunning with lots of wide open spaces. If traveling to stroll around Bachmann Lake seems like a bit too much work, you’re in luck. Crest at Oak Park prides themselves on being pet friendly and they’ve made it a joy to be a pet owner! There is a huge private park on site, and many of the apartments have private yards. Your pet can have all the outdoor time they desire!

Austin at Trinity Green

This apartment community has a super lenient pet policy (here’s looking at you, NO weight limit!) We love that they’re located on Singleton Boulevard in Dallas, which means you have direct access to the miles of trails in the Trinity floodway just under the shadow of the Dallas skyline. Even if your dog has endless endurance, you won’t run out of places to go. This location is perfect if you love to drink and dine with your pet, because you’re close to the Trinity Groves area with pet-friendly patios for those cool nights and weekends. Gotta have a yard? They’re available too! And there’s a dog wash for convenience, in case you get a little muddy with all your adventures on the trails.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - Austin at Trinity Green

What kind of pet do you have? How important is having a dog park or wide open spaces for you and your pooch? Tell us about it by leaving a comment or check out our Facebook page. We’d LOVE to see our newsfeed flooded with photos of your cute fur babies!

The Best Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas
25 Jul 2017
Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!

Don’t get us wrong, we love Texas. The beautiful winters, being close to the airport for a quick flight (just 2 hours to Mexico, y’all!) and all the BBQ and tacos. Mmm. But let’s get real: it’s nearing the end of July and the words “dog days of summer” have never been more true. With temps soaring into the triple digits (I swear I saw “feels like 109” this weekend on my iPhone) thinking about the heat makes me want to cry a little. If you’ve been to see ever new release movie this summer including Wonder Woman and the latest Spiderman: Homecoming, you’re looking for something a little different to do. Preferably one where you won’t slide off your seat from sweat when you’re done. Have no fear, we’re going to survive the summer! After all, isn’t it like 90 days to all things #PSL?  

Here’s our list for something to do when you feel like melting. This isn’t your usual boring-head-to-the-pool post; we guarantee there is something here you haven’t tried yet!

You can survive on a patio with a sprayer.

Yes, it’s hot. Too hot to sit in the blazing sun but…what about an iced margarita in each hand under a spritzing fan? Being on the patio IS possible this time of year, you just have to know the right one to head out to. We prefer Ozona on lower Greenville, with their well-shaded patio, freezing cold drinks, and spritzing fans. Still too hot? Check out the top floor of Urban Rio in Plano. They literally keep their bar surface nice and chilly so your drink stays cool! This is the place to go for happy hour specials for sure. The windows may be open and they have live music. We also love The Lot by White Rock Lake – it’s a cool spot to hang out with plenty of shade and even a volleyball court.

Rent a SUP or canoe for crying out loud!

Obviously in the heat you either need to be in the shade or in the water. Luckily, there are several places you can rent a kayak, canoe, or SUP board in the DFW area. On the east side? Drive out to Lake Ray Hubbard and rent from the guys over at Kayak Instruction Inc. It’s an affordable way to spend a day in the water – you can even bring your pup! White Rock Lake also rents canoes and kayaks. Need more options? Try Lake Carolyn for the west side of DFW. (Pro tip: Make your significant other paddle while you leave your legs in the water!)

Hit up the Dallas Farmer's Market

If you thought Farmer’s Markets were outdoor sweltering stands of wilting produce, think again. The Dallas Farmer’s Market has TONS of shade, iced coffee, fresh fruit, pickles, and an entire indoor section that is air conditioned. You’ve never seen a market like this! You can browse for hours while sipping or munching on something fresh and sweet. You can even stay a while and have brunch or lunch (or day drink) at one of the awesome restaurants there. Check back regularly for pop up shops and special events.

Grab a popsicle and play in the fountains

Yes, these two activities go together! Visit one of our favorite popsicle stops like Steel City Pops or Berrynaked, grab your favorite flavor (we recommend blood orange from Berrynaked or Coconut from Steel City Pops) and head for some splashing. The best place for a spray and some water? Klyde Warren Park, Addison Circle, and Fountain Place on Ross Ave. You don’t even have to get wet – just being closer to the spray can cool you down!

How are you surviving the Texas heat this summer? If we missed one of your favorites, let us know!

Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!
7 Jul 2017
How to Get Along with Your Roommate

Moving in with somebody new whether it’s a best friend, an acquaintance, or a significant other is a major change in your life! Will you get along? What if they don’t do the dishes? How will you handle different work schedules? What about their (kinda weird) sense of style? Have no fear! With our tips for getting along with your roommate you’ll be in perfect shape to handle anything that life throws your way (even someone who might be a tad bit messy….)  

You’d be surprised what just a little bit of up front communication can do to help you maintain a successful roommate relationship! It all starts before you ever move in. do not start unpacking the boxes before you talk! It’s basically the DTR (Define The Relationship) for roomies. This person is going to be a huge part of your life, so it’s worth the investment of time and as silly as this may be to start, you will thank yourself six months down the line. This brings us to tip number one.

Set the Ground Rules Early!

No we’re not talking about a Big Bang Theory-level “roommate agreement” but you definitely need to establish some boundaries. Basic stuff – like, are you cool with someone using your dishes? What if your roomie wants to borrow a squirt of your favorite perfume? Now’s the time to say “hey, I’d prefer it if you didn’t use my Keurig/shampoo/whatever.” See? Painless!

Set Expectations for Who Buys What

We’re talking about dish soap, laundry detergent, food… stuff that you will both be using. Have a chat about expenses and how you’ll keep track of it. (This is a good time for a teeny whiteboard on the side of your refrigerator.) Do you want to have a shared budget, or do you want to keep everything separate? Decide how you want to do it, and then stick with it. If it’s shared, make sure you are both contributing equal amounts and agree upon how that $$$ is used.

DON'T be Late with your Rent

That sucks and it’s not cool – if you are splitting an apartment with somebody, make sure you pay your fair share and do it on time. With apps like Google Wallet there’s no excuse for not splitting and paying your fair share! Post it on the fridge – if the first of the month is rent, don’t make your roommate be your mom. This goes for other stuff too – don’t get caught in the habit of owing your roomie money, or being the one always caught “without your wallet.” Nothing creates tension like money issues!

How do you Want to Handle Parties & Significant Others?

If you want to have a boyfriend spend the night, would your roomie appreciate a little bit of advance notice? Have an honest talk about schedules and habits. If your roommate is a morning person, having friends over until 2 a.m. is probably going to cause a rift. Be respectful, and remember that a little bit of communication goes a long way.

Talk about Adulting

Yeah, chores. Boo! Nobody likes them, but it just has to get done. We mentioned paying the rent, but what about who will take out the trash, make the store list when you’re out of toilet paper and who’s cleaning the bathroom when? If dirty dishes on the counter will drive you crazy, now is the time to make sure you speak up. Life gets busy, so talk about it early and you won’t have any problems later on.

Do you have a great tip for getting along with your roommate? Tell us about it! Splitting rent with a friend is an awesome way to save money in Dallas, and we highly recommend it. You might even want to have this chat before you do your apartment search with Dallas Sky Lofts. If you are total opposites, some floor plans might be better than others (like rooms on separate ends of the apartment or two bathrooms instead of one!)

Follow these tips and you’ll be friends for life with your roommate!

How to Get Along with Your Roommate
10 Apr 2017
Should you Rent Furniture for your Apartment?

Moving into an apartment takes so much work. Maybe you’re moving to Dallas for the first time as a college graduate, or maybe you’re downsizing after owning a house. Perhaps you’re still “getting started” in life and you’ve been living with roommates and don’t have many belongings of your own. We’re on the cusp of the moving season here in Dallas and it’s about to be busy!

We want to present you today with an option. Purchasing furniture can be expensive; and as much fun as it may be to pick out couches, kitchen tables and headboards, most people don’t plan on living in an apartment forever. Chances are, when you move down the road your style will change and your housing will too. So, is it worth it to invest in thousands of dollars of furniture when you may not even use it long term?

This brings us to furniture renting. You first thought may be of those “rent-to-own” places but that’s not what we’re talking about here. How do you know if renting furniture might be a good option for you? We have four reasons you might want to consider:

Renting Furniture is Better for you in the Long Run

Your style may change. You know that trends change so frequently (we went from super-mod to shabby chic just recently!) You may move into a house with WAY more square footage. In that situation, you wouldn’t want furniture that is built for a small apartment in an enormous house. And on the flip side, you can’t purchase large pieces like entertainment centers or sectionals for most apartments. This makes renting furniture a great way to plan for the future, no matter what your plan is.

Should you Rent Furniture for your Apartment?
Should you Rent Furniture for your Apartment?

You don’t have to do the Moving

Moving furniture is nobody’s idea of a good time, especially if you live on the second or third floor. Have you ever tried to fit a queen-sized bed frame in an elevator? Trust us, you don’t want to have that experience. If you rent furniture, it saves you ALL the hassle. They come in, they set it up, and when you’re done with your lease, it’s moved out for you. No fuss! It doesn’t get any better than that. Plus you don’t have to worry about damaging anything when you try to move it yourself. We’ve all heard horror stories about accidentally scraping a table against a wall or losing a couch leg!

It can Save you $$$

Renting furniture is surprisingly affordable. You get big discounts for putting multiple rooms together. Like we said previously, buying furniture is a huge investment. For just a few hundred dollars a month you can get absolutely EVERYTHING you need right down to lamps and throw pillows for your couch. Paying off entire furniture sets from your bedroom to your dining could lock you into monthly payments for years, say nothing about interest or the cost of your time to shop for it and moving/delivery charges.

Should you Rent Furniture for your Apartment?
Should you Rent Furniture for your Apartment?

Perfect for Short-Term Leases

We all like to think that we have a solid life plan. But plans change, and we see that all the time here at Dallas Sky Lofts. You may not know your next step. We do apartment leases all the time that are for 3 or even 6 months. In that case, moving your belongings may not be worth the hassle. But you’ll still need some of the basics like a couch, bed, and table. Why not rent those items?

We have some partners that do a great job helping clients with furniture rental. Be sure to check out Brook Furniture and some of the packages that they have available. There’s a handy tool on their website that lets you get all the info you need!

16 Nov 2016
How to Throw a Football Party in your Apartment - Food & Snacks

It is a GREAT time to be a Dallas Cowboys fan! Our win against the Pittsburgh Steelers this month was spectacular, what a game!!

Everybody knows though that watching football alone is a definite bummer. You might feel like your Dallas apartment is small, but don’t let having a small space hold you back from throwing a killer Sunday football party.

So get ready. All it takes is a little creative thinking and planning to make your party a success. Use our tips to utilize the space that you do have to make sure your guests are comfortable and can enjoy the big game.

How to Throw a Football Party in your Apartment - Seating


We know your apartment may not have movie theater style couches and loungers. Time to get creative and optimize the seating that you do have. Obviously at a football party the TV is the focus of the day, so make sure that wherever anyone is sitting they can see the television set (and hear it.) This may require a little rearranging but that’s ok! Plan the room you have around the TV. Get some large pillows and spread them around on the floor if you don’t have a lot of room on the couch or extra chairs.

How to Throw a Football Party in your Apartment - Food & Snacks


A sure way to keep from getting stressed out is to ask friends to pitch in for food. Throw chili in the crockpot and ask friends to bring sides and/or drinks. Or go potluck style and ask everybody to bring a dish to pass. You can set a theme like Mexican food, appetizers, or a cookout. Pro tip? Think about serving food that you can have prepared ahead of time or throw in a crockpot. Trying to cook in the kitchen when people are arriving can create a space issue, and not only that, turning on the oven will heat up the place. Plus, you want to enjoy the game too!

How to Throw a Football Party in your Apartment - Use your Space Including the Balcony


Everyone will need access to your bathrooms, food, and drinks. How can you set up your space so that one area doesn’t get stuck with a traffic jam of people? For serving, see if you can put food in more than one place. Could you use the coffee table? Could you serve extra sides or drinks on a patio table on your balcony? Don’t be afraid to be unconventional! Making different “stations” is a good way to keep everyone occupied with access to food and beverages without making your kitchen the ultimate destination.

Don’t forget to welcome everyone, have a place for coats and bags, and of course, decorate for your favorite team! Got any photos of your football parties? We’d love to see! Are you the designated “hostess-with-the-mostest” in your group? Let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect apartment to throw dinner parties, holiday get-togethers, and football events.

26 Oct 2016
Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas

Congratulations on moving to the Big D! You’re going to love Dallas.

But, at the same time meeting people in a new city can be tough. You may have moved here for a job, a fresh start, or another opportunity – or perhaps you just needed a new view. No matter what, here are five tips for helping you meet people in Dallas.

Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas - The Gym


Join a gym. Don’t just run in and out. Like zumba? Want to try spin? Signing up for some classes is a great way to casually meet people and see them on a regular basis. You could suggest grabbing a snack afterwards. It’s that easy!

Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas -


Head to You can find all kinds of networking events and meetings based upon your interests and industry. Think outside the box, because this isn’t just for suit-wearing professionals. Love camping? Want to train for a marathon? Meetup’s whole purpose is to bring people together who have similar interests. It’s all at your fingertips – you can try as many as you want. There’s even an app for that.

Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas - Get a Dog


Get a dog. There is no better conversation starter, hands down. Then go where other people with dogs hang out. Places like the dog park at White Rock Lake, or dog-friendly patios are perfect for making new friends. (Plus, aren’t dog people just the best?)

Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas - Coffee Shop


Spend some time at a coffee shop. Don’t put your earbuds in – earbuds are the universal “leave me alone” sign! Listen to conversations around you. Head to a coffee shop where there is live music so you can ask questions about the performance.

Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas - Social Events


Attend your apartment social events. Y’all, we live in Dallas. Your apartment community likely has Saturday morning brunch parties or pool parties in the summer. Pay attention and make an effort to go! Even if your place isn’t that posh, there are public living areas in your community. Why not meet the people that live right next door to you? Don’t be a hermit.

The bottom line is that we’re all human beings and we all need community. It isn’t always easy to find it. Making new friends and really finding your tribe can be frustrating and take time. Did you know that some apartments even have specific programs designed to foster relationships with awesome social events? Places in Dallas like LTV Tower, 555 Ross, Southside Flats and Marquis at Texas Street are just a few in the Dallas area that have a Cares Program and team on site.

Moving to a new city can be scary and trying to find an apartment without knowing the city very well can be a challenge – and one that you don’t want to take a chance on.

Who wants to be stuck in a lease for 12 months in an apartment they hate in a part of town that’s not their style at all?

That’s where we come in. We know Dallas – all the nooks and crannies, coffee shops, gyms, and hang-outs.

Tell us about you! What do you like to do on a Saturday morning or Friday night? We help people who move to Dallas from out of state every single day.

That’s our specialty at Dallas Sky Lofts; we can tailor your Dallas apartment experience to who you are as an individual. Let us chat with you, find out who you are, and get you the apartment of your dreams with people you can relate to.

Best Ways to Meet People in Dallas
6 Jun 2016
Dallas Apartments - Vegas Style Pools

The weather is heating up in North Texas. When the mercury hits 85 or above each day, the only reasonable thing to do is head to the pool. But these definitely are not your ordinary backyard in ground pools. If you’ve been to Las Vegas you have probably seen ridiculous swimming pools that feature everything from Greek Palace-like structures to wave pools and lazy rivers. This Vegas pool even has a BEACH. But, since we all can’t live in Sin City, let’s see how close we can get. Tanning ledges, cabanas, and even rooftop pools with spectacular views are part of the options in Dallas! Does your apartment complex have a pool worthy of a rockstar?

If not, call us so you can get your tan on by one of these Vegas style pools!


First up is 3700M in West Village. This rooftop pool is five-star for tanning and checking out the iconic Dallas skyline. Not only is it on the roof, but also it’s got an infinity edge so you’ll feel as though it never ends! Hot tub included, covered cabanas for a break from the rays, and a full outdoor kitchen are all part of the deluxe package.


Live a life of GLAMOUR. The Cirque in uptown also features a rooftop infinity-edge pool. You’ll be seven stories high with stunning views and peaceful tranquility above the busy streets of Dallas. This saltwater pool has plenty of seating with tucked away cabanas for your weekend relaxation!

The Taylor

This property on Carlisle street in the heart of Dallas is known for it’s outdoor amenities. The pool complete with an attached fire feature and waterfalls will make you feel like you’re living each day at the Nylo Boutique hotel! The Taylor is an architectural masterpiece, both indoor and outdoor.


Hit the personal putting green and then head to the pool at the Strata near Knox/Henderson. The pool here is large. You’ll never be wanting for a little personal space. The water fountains usher will you into a peaceful state as you lounge throughout the summer. Outdoor grilling areas offer all the accessories you need for a BBQ with friends.


At Northend, you get a lot of bonus features in addition to a sparkling pool. Feel like brightening your complexion with a little soak in the sauna? Done! Cooler day? Hot tub is available! This sparkling pool is tucked away for peace and privacy. Escape from every day life in your own backyard.

Not happy with your pool or apartment? Call Dallas Sky Lofts at 972.413.8071. We can help you find your dream apartment pool, about as close to Vegas as you’ll get in the Big D, for free!

Dallas Apartments - Vegas Style Pools
9 May 2016
Las Colinas - Lake Living at it's Finest

If you work on the west side of Dallas, you have to consider looking for an apartment in Las Colinas. This area is exploding as an epicenter of business, startups, technology, and a great place for millennials who may not want to take part in the downtown Dallas scene.

Are you active? Do you crave the great outdoors? If you work in a cubicle or office but are desperate to escape each weekend without the drive, Las Colinas is a good place for you. Check out Campion Trail, a famous area in which the city of Irving hosts nearly 30 fitness events a year. The trail goes for miles and is perfect for runners, bikers, and hikers who don’t want to worry about having adequate passing room or too much traffic.

Another reason? Living in Las Colinas puts you right by Lake Carolyn and the beautiful canals that run through the area. Stand Up Paddle North Texas offers an excellent option for outdoor weekend activities.

Campion Trail - Las Colinas - Irving


Amli Campion Trail

That trail we mentioned previously? Yeah, if you’re a dedicated runner or biker, then you might want to live as close to the trail as possible. You can do that at this Amli property. It’s a Leed certified with a huge resort-style pool. You’re going to love it!

Amli at Campion Trail - Las Colinas

Jefferson @ Las Colinas

Luxury doesn’t get any more serious than the Jefferson. You have a pet? The backyards in select units here may be for you. The unique architecture and design here are beautiful. One, two, or three bedroom homes are available (full size washer and dryer included!)

Jefferson Las Colinas Apartments

Crest at Las Colinas Station

This property is brand new with access to the Dart close by. Gourmet kitchens and a 24 hour fitness center are just the beginning of amenities. The Crest is practically on Lake Carolyn and is a great place for a dog owner! There are monthly yappy hours and dog walking services available.

Crest at Las Colinas Apartments

And these are just the beginning! If you’re looking for an apartment in Las Colinas, or anywhere in the DFW metroplex, let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect place for free.

12 Feb 2016
Legacy West Urban Village - Plano, TX

New Apartments & More being Constructed in Plano

In 1849 thousands of Americans fled to California looking for gold. They are heading  back east trading in covered wagons for Toyotas and relocating to the corporate promised land of North Texas. Toyota, along with non-California based FedEx, Liberty Mutual, and JP Morgan Chase are the latest corporations rushing to set up new digs in the West Plano area. Lower taxes, lower cost of living and business incentives that Plano offers have been cited as enticing the corporate moves.

Joining the existing headquarters of JCPenney and Frito Lay, the area is ready to bloom. Land that was once flat prairie is being transformed into a bustling hive of commercial growth. Developers and investors attribute the boom to the “Toyota Effect,” creating a hot market for other interested commercial tenants. Toyota could bring up to 4,000 workers from their former HQ in southern California. The influx of corporate workers will have a big impact on the business, education, and housing landscape in the area.

Apartments in Plano at Legacy West
Apartments in Plano at Legacy West

The planned Legacy West Urban Village will go hand in hand with the new corporate offices. The project will combine shops, restaurants, new apartments, office space, a luxury hotel and a 30-story condominium tower. Hundreds of apartments are currently being built in the Legacy West area, which will be appealing to the influx of recent transplants. Many will opt for the ease and convenience of apartment living. No yard work, no long commute, the ability to walk to work, shopping and entertainment, all favor the apartment life!

Urban millennials are driving less, opting for ride sharing services, bikes, commuter trains, and walking. Legacy West will be pedestrian friendly, offering a variety of services no farther than a comfortable walk! Appealing to the changing attitudes of the emerging workforce, these companies understand the allure of amenities for those who desire a high-end urban lifestyle. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Along with the new corporate HQ’s, the Dallas Cowboys new training facility, which will also combine shopping and entertainment options, is nearing completion just up the tollway. Stonebriar Mall, the Frisco Roughriders baseball and FC Dallas soccer stadiums are minutes away. The future for working and living in West Plano looks golden.

New apartments are going up every day around the Dallas area to accommodate these moves. We’ve got all the information to help you figure out which one is best for you – whether you’re relocating to the area for Toyota or Liberty Mutual, or simply just need a fresh pad to call home, we’ve got you covered!

Dallas Sky Lofts - Do you have your Plano Apartment yet?
Dallas Sky Lofts – Do you have your Plano Apartment yet?
3 Feb 2016
Are you ready for a Dog in your Apartment?

How do you know if you (and your apartment) are ready to give a pet a home?

Apartments and dogs CAN get along well together, if you take a little time to think ahead and plan. More and more apartments are becoming pet friendly with designated dog park areas.

Before you head to the local animal shelter, you should talk to your apartment leasing office. Ask if they have any restrictions on dog breeds allowed, and also inquire about any extra fees you will incur should you adopt a dog or cat. If you have a roommate, you definitely want to talk to them as well. Maybe you can share the responsibilities.

You’ve decided you’re ready to commit? Take some time to research and consider the following, before you go out and fall in love with a cute face begging you to bring them home.

Some dog breeds are better suited for apartment life than others.

There are certain dog breeds that fare a bit better in apartment life. However, don’t feel like your options are limited. Most dogs that become well trained will do just fine in an apartment. In general, larger dogs need more activity. Labrador retrievers and shepherds are bred to work and run. If you’re not going to get up an hour earlier for work to walk your buddy, you should look at other breeds. Smaller dogs like terriers, spaniels, and bulldogs don’t have the endurance a large dog would, and therefore require less activity. Research online and read about the needs of any breed you’re considering before you bring one home.

Dallas Apartment Puppy
Are you ready for a Puppy

Can you handle a puppy?

You might want to consider getting a dog that’s already housebroken, because puppies take a lot more effort. For example, if you live on the third floor and you have to go down the stairs in the middle of the night to get your new friend to the grass, it may disrupt your life a little more than you had planned! Puppies also need a few more vet visits up front, for shots and checkups. In addition, puppies can be chewers…which brings us to the next segment.

Prep your apartment.

Hide cords and put away your shoes and socks. Gather up your supplies. Dog food, bowls, a leash and harness, toys, etc. Anytime you’re at work or away from the apartment, you might want to consider keeping the dog in a crate. This is especially true for puppies – you do not want to come home to furniture destroyed and walls chewed through!

Consider these properties in Dallas that cater to man’s best friend.

Dallas Apartment Pet Park
Dallas Apartment Pet Park

Illume Park


This property actually describes themselves as a pet paradise! They have no breed restrictions and a self-enclosed dog walk, two off leash dog parks and a bone shaped doggie pool.

The Taylor


Your pet will love “The Canine Lounge” which is an elevated dog park. You’ll never have to pay expensive groomers because the property has a pet washing station on site that is indoors. Clean pets year round!

Cityplace Heights

Dallas Apartment Pet Washing Station
Dallas Apartment Pet Washing Station

This community is super pet friendly and has a designated dog park. There’s also a pet washing station which makes it easy to get your pet clean without having to shell out a lot of cash.

Alta Maple Station

Medical District

This is another pet friendly community in Dallas. They have a pet washing stationin the garage for easy cleanup after a day at the lake!

Dallas Dog Apartment - Pinterest
Are you Ready for a Dog in your Apartment?
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