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11 Sep 2017
The Best Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas

Choosing to be a dog owner when you live in an apartment means you have a lot of things to consider! Your list of “must-haves” for an apartment may be much different than someone who doesn’t own a pupper. Depending on the size of your pooch, you might need to look at apartment communities with a very lenient pet policy. And who likes walking down three flights of stairs just to take your dog outside at 11 p.m.? Nobody! So a first floor unit might be what you’re looking for.

But as dog owners have become more vocal, apartments in Dallas are doing a great job of paying attention. There are things like on-site dog parks, dog wash stations, even units that have private yards to eliminate any extra work on your part. That’s pretty cool! With these conveniences, it’s become much easier to have a dog while living in an apartment. Truthfully, dogs now can live in the big city and have an exceptional life. Whether you own a small corgi or a large labrador retriever, there’s an apartment in Dallas that has everything you need. These are some of the best pet friendly apartments in Dallas.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - The Kontour at Kessler Park

Kontour at Kessler Park

If you are a fan of big dogs that love to run, like Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, Huskies, Cattle dogs…you might be concerned about their lack of space in a traditional apartment. If your dog can eat off your kitchen counter without getting on two legs, yeah, an apartment life might seem kind of inconvenient! This community breaks all your previous conceptions about having bigger dogs in an apartment. Kontour at Kessler Park sits on TEN acres of land. They have a huge wooded dog park with space to really run for your pooch! You’ll feel like the best dog parent ever, giving them the freedom they love. Even better? Many of these units come with fenced-in yards. It’s the perfect haven for pet lovers in Dallas.

Ilume Park

Some dogs like to run, some dogs like to swim. If the annual “pooch swim” at your local pool isn’t enough for your pet, Ilume Park might be the perfect apartment for you. They actually have a bone shaped pool just for dogs. Did we also mention that it is complete with a fire hydrant sprayer? If your dog doesn’t worship the ground you walk on already, they will once you move in here. These apartment units also have private yards available, as well as not just one, but two enclosed dog parks. You can have all the pet bonding you want without ever having to leave home (which means, your car will have a lot less slobber and dog hair won’t be your regular work accessory)! After your pup gets out of the pool? Give them a quick wash at the on site pet salon. It’s doggie paradise.
Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - Crest at Oak Park

Crest at Oak Park

We love the Crest at Oak Park community. It’s perfectly situated in between Love Field and the Dallas North Tollway (what a great location, especially if you are a frequent flyer!). The property is simply stunning with lots of wide open spaces. If traveling to stroll around Bachmann Lake seems like a bit too much work, you’re in luck. Crest at Oak Park prides themselves on being pet friendly and they’ve made it a joy to be a pet owner! There is a huge private park on site, and many of the apartments have private yards. Your pet can have all the outdoor time they desire!

Austin at Trinity Green

This apartment community has a super lenient pet policy (here’s looking at you, NO weight limit!) We love that they’re located on Singleton Boulevard in Dallas, which means you have direct access to the miles of trails in the Trinity floodway just under the shadow of the Dallas skyline. Even if your dog has endless endurance, you won’t run out of places to go. This location is perfect if you love to drink and dine with your pet, because you’re close to the Trinity Groves area with pet-friendly patios for those cool nights and weekends. Gotta have a yard? They’re available too! And there’s a dog wash for convenience, in case you get a little muddy with all your adventures on the trails.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - Austin at Trinity Green

What kind of pet do you have? How important is having a dog park or wide open spaces for you and your pooch? Tell us about it by leaving a comment or check out our Facebook page. We’d LOVE to see our newsfeed flooded with photos of your cute fur babies!

The Best Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas
3 Feb 2016
Are you ready for a Dog in your Apartment?

How do you know if you (and your apartment) are ready to give a pet a home?

Apartments and dogs CAN get along well together, if you take a little time to think ahead and plan. More and more apartments are becoming pet friendly with designated dog park areas.

Before you head to the local animal shelter, you should talk to your apartment leasing office. Ask if they have any restrictions on dog breeds allowed, and also inquire about any extra fees you will incur should you adopt a dog or cat. If you have a roommate, you definitely want to talk to them as well. Maybe you can share the responsibilities.

You’ve decided you’re ready to commit? Take some time to research and consider the following, before you go out and fall in love with a cute face begging you to bring them home.

Some dog breeds are better suited for apartment life than others.

There are certain dog breeds that fare a bit better in apartment life. However, don’t feel like your options are limited. Most dogs that become well trained will do just fine in an apartment. In general, larger dogs need more activity. Labrador retrievers and shepherds are bred to work and run. If you’re not going to get up an hour earlier for work to walk your buddy, you should look at other breeds. Smaller dogs like terriers, spaniels, and bulldogs don’t have the endurance a large dog would, and therefore require less activity. Research online and read about the needs of any breed you’re considering before you bring one home.

Dallas Apartment Puppy
Are you ready for a Puppy

Can you handle a puppy?

You might want to consider getting a dog that’s already housebroken, because puppies take a lot more effort. For example, if you live on the third floor and you have to go down the stairs in the middle of the night to get your new friend to the grass, it may disrupt your life a little more than you had planned! Puppies also need a few more vet visits up front, for shots and checkups. In addition, puppies can be chewers…which brings us to the next segment.

Prep your apartment.

Hide cords and put away your shoes and socks. Gather up your supplies. Dog food, bowls, a leash and harness, toys, etc. Anytime you’re at work or away from the apartment, you might want to consider keeping the dog in a crate. This is especially true for puppies – you do not want to come home to furniture destroyed and walls chewed through!

Consider these properties in Dallas that cater to man’s best friend.

Dallas Apartment Pet Park
Dallas Apartment Pet Park

Illume Park


This property actually describes themselves as a pet paradise! They have no breed restrictions and a self-enclosed dog walk, two off leash dog parks and a bone shaped doggie pool.

The Taylor


Your pet will love “The Canine Lounge” which is an elevated dog park. You’ll never have to pay expensive groomers because the property has a pet washing station on site that is indoors. Clean pets year round!

Cityplace Heights

Dallas Apartment Pet Washing Station
Dallas Apartment Pet Washing Station

This community is super pet friendly and has a designated dog park. There’s also a pet washing station which makes it easy to get your pet clean without having to shell out a lot of cash.

Alta Maple Station

Medical District

This is another pet friendly community in Dallas. They have a pet washing stationin the garage for easy cleanup after a day at the lake!

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Are you Ready for a Dog in your Apartment?
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