25 Aug 2017
Eat Free in Dallas If You Drink

Obviously, happy hour is pretty awesome. Drink deals? You bet that I will be there. But what about when the deal gets sweetened with not just drink deals, but FREE FOOD? And this goes way beyond a free bowl of chips and some salsa. SIGN. ME. UP. But, these deals aren’t super publicized, so how will you know? This fall when back to school or work has got you down, grab your pals and head to one of these restaurants and bars in Dallas for sweet drink deals, and free food.

Eat Free in Dallas - Dallas Fish Market

Dallas Fish Market

Wednesday and Friday are perfect days for a happy hour. Head over to Dallas Fish Market on Main Street from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for amazing cocktails, AND a complimentary sushi roll when you purchase an alcoholic drink! We love the Lotus Blossom Sangria and the Fishermans’ Cup (super refreshing for these hot late summer days). Now, those are the only hours where you can get that complimentary roll, but they have great deals with half price bites and drinks for happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m.

Rattlesnake Bar @ the Ritz Carlton

Usually you hear “the guac is extra,” but not at this bar. This is the BEST guacamole you’ve ever had, prepared by a “guacamologist” (whatever that job is I want it). Come have a drink, dressed in your best, for some five-star people watching and an impeccably-made drink. It is the Ritz Carlton, after all. These bites are crafted by the team at Fearing’s, one of the best restaurants in the world. While you’re here getting your 5-o’clock jam on, you’ll be offered sips of some mini margaritas, and perhaps some mini tacos too! All the fun starts at about 5:30-6ish on weekday evenings.

Eat Free in Dallas - Rattlesnake Bar
Eat Free in Dallas - Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime

Not far from the Ritz in Uptown is Ocean Prime – maybe your go-to for a fancy date night or anniversary. But be sure to head over for an after work drink sometimes and have a few bites of truffle popcorn. Warning: it is addictive. Sidle up to the bar, order a drink, and enjoy a bowl (or five) of this amazing popcorn coated in delicious, sumptuous, truffle oil. Popcorn is a completely acceptable dinner alternative, right? We won’t tell anyone.

World Beer Co. (The Bottle Shop)

Are you a fan of the ultimate pairing: pizza + beer? If that’s your go-to, this is the PLACE for you! Check out the World Beer Co. on Lower Greenville, where you’ll find a massive treasure trove of craft beer that you can take home in bottles, cans, growlers, or whatever else your heart desires. But don’t wait until Thursday or Friday to get your drinks for the weekend! Come on in on a Monday to pick up your favorites, and enjoy free pizza while you’re there. They have more specials throughout the week, including $3 Can Sunday Funday and Texas Tuesday (1/2 price select Texas bottles and drafts.) Yum.

Eat Free in Dallas - World Brewing Company
Eat Free in Dallas - Stampede 66

Stampede 66

Another famous staple in Texas is Chef Stephen Pyles’ Stampede 66, on McKinney Ave. The food is phenomenal, so we highly recommend staying for dinner. The vibes are truly Texas with southern style cuisine and a Mexican flair. At the bar, order up! The Modern Star Canyon Margarita is an exceptional drink, including prickly pear fruit and a candied jalapeno. Come between 4 and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday to get FREE pork chicarrones in the bar area. Check out their other happy hour deals too!

The Best Places to Eat Free in Dallas if You are Drinking
25 Jul 2017
Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!

Don’t get us wrong, we love Texas. The beautiful winters, being close to the airport for a quick flight (just 2 hours to Mexico, y’all!) and all the BBQ and tacos. Mmm. But let’s get real: it’s nearing the end of July and the words “dog days of summer” have never been more true. With temps soaring into the triple digits (I swear I saw “feels like 109” this weekend on my iPhone) thinking about the heat makes me want to cry a little. If you’ve been to see ever new release movie this summer including Wonder Woman and the latest Spiderman: Homecoming, you’re looking for something a little different to do. Preferably one where you won’t slide off your seat from sweat when you’re done. Have no fear, we’re going to survive the summer! After all, isn’t it like 90 days to all things #PSL?  

Here’s our list for something to do when you feel like melting. This isn’t your usual boring-head-to-the-pool post; we guarantee there is something here you haven’t tried yet!

You can survive on a patio with a sprayer.

Yes, it’s hot. Too hot to sit in the blazing sun but…what about an iced margarita in each hand under a spritzing fan? Being on the patio IS possible this time of year, you just have to know the right one to head out to. We prefer Ozona on lower Greenville, with their well-shaded patio, freezing cold drinks, and spritzing fans. Still too hot? Check out the top floor of Urban Rio in Plano. They literally keep their bar surface nice and chilly so your drink stays cool! This is the place to go for happy hour specials for sure. The windows may be open and they have live music. We also love The Lot by White Rock Lake – it’s a cool spot to hang out with plenty of shade and even a volleyball court.

Rent a SUP or canoe for crying out loud!

Obviously in the heat you either need to be in the shade or in the water. Luckily, there are several places you can rent a kayak, canoe, or SUP board in the DFW area. On the east side? Drive out to Lake Ray Hubbard and rent from the guys over at Kayak Instruction Inc. It’s an affordable way to spend a day in the water – you can even bring your pup! White Rock Lake also rents canoes and kayaks. Need more options? Try Lake Carolyn for the west side of DFW. (Pro tip: Make your significant other paddle while you leave your legs in the water!)

Hit up the Dallas Farmer's Market

If you thought Farmer’s Markets were outdoor sweltering stands of wilting produce, think again. The Dallas Farmer’s Market has TONS of shade, iced coffee, fresh fruit, pickles, and an entire indoor section that is air conditioned. You’ve never seen a market like this! You can browse for hours while sipping or munching on something fresh and sweet. You can even stay a while and have brunch or lunch (or day drink) at one of the awesome restaurants there. Check back regularly for pop up shops and special events.

Grab a popsicle and play in the fountains

Yes, these two activities go together! Visit one of our favorite popsicle stops like Steel City Pops or Berrynaked, grab your favorite flavor (we recommend blood orange from Berrynaked or Coconut from Steel City Pops) and head for some splashing. The best place for a spray and some water? Klyde Warren Park, Addison Circle, and Fountain Place on Ross Ave. You don’t even have to get wet – just being closer to the spray can cool you down!

How are you surviving the Texas heat this summer? If we missed one of your favorites, let us know!

Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!
18 Jul 2017
New, Must-Try Dallas Restaurants

When it’s this hot in the thick of a Texas summer, why would you be cooking and heating up your apartment? With all these amazing new restaurants in Dallas, you literally can go a different place every night. No need to take the time or effort to grocery shop and then prepare your own dinner! Here are our picks for the best new places to check out, no matter what neighborhood you’re in. (Hey, you may even be just around the corner!)

Idle Rye - Must Try Dallas Restaurants

Idle Rye

Whiskey cocktails. Gastropub. Especially if you crave the occasional German or Polish specialty (THERE ARE PIEROGIES on the menu, and if you don’t know what those are it’s a potato-filled noodle heaven), this modern joint will light up your senses. Grab a seat in one of their cushy oversized booths and order a craft cocktail. You won’t be leaving here hungry with staples like schnitzel and a “ridiculous sausage sandwich,” available for dinner. They also serve brunch and lunch, so don’t miss out. Located in Deep Ellum on Elm Street.

Corrientes 348

This Argentinian steakhouse just opened a few weeks ago (June 20) in downtown Dallas. If you love all things beef, this is a must-try. It doesn’t get more authentic than this; Corrientes 248 operates multiple restaurants in Brazil. They have amazing, high quality cuts of meat on the menu, designed for sharing. Each entree comes with family-style sides (think perfectly grilled veggies or large portion salads). Don’t fill up though, because you’ll want to try the Dulce de Leche pancake for dessert.

Corrientes 348 - Must Try Dallas Restaurants
Sachet - Must Try Dallas Restaurants


If you’ve ever been to Gemma over on Henderson Avenue, you’ll want to try this sister restaurant that’s got a more casual vibe with a less expensive menu. While Gemma has a definite California flair, Sachet will feature a Mediterranean-inspired menu. Think pasta, cous cous, lots of olive and grape-based items, and hummus. We can’t wait for the opening! They plan to be open for both lunch and dinner, in the Highland Park area on Oak Lawn Avenue.


Even better than the amazing cocktails (we recommend the Salty Dog) and the small bites (homemade pretzel!) is the breathy, open design of Wheelhouse. It’s like hanging out at your best friend’s dream house patio, with wide open spaces and a sleek industrial feel. Even doggies are welcome on the covered concrete outdoor dining area. Located in the heart of the Design District at the west end of the Decorative Center, this gastropub is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The perfect place to grab a cool mug of local brew, and grab a sandwich, salad, or fish and chips.

Wheelhouse - Must Try Dallas Restaurants
Slater's 50/50 - Must Try Dallas Restaurants

Slater's 50/50

Do you have a serious love affair with pork? What about burgers? Slater’s is all about the three B’s: Bacon, Burgers, and Beer. Try the burger of the month, or design your own choosing from tons of different options like size, bread type, cheese and toppings (even grilled pineapple is an option), and the patty you want. They may be most famous for their 50% ground pork and 50% ground beef patty, the ultimate burger experience. They also have awesome happy hour deals on craft beer Monday through Friday from 11-6. Come try it for yourself on Lower Greenville in Dallas.

New, Must-Try Dallas Restaurants
25 May 2017
Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats

Sure, we all post on instagram about our workouts and our healthy lunches. (Don’t be shy, we know you’ve ‘grammed a snappy salad or two!) But at some point, a salad or your fruit bar is just not going to cut it. Who doesn’t crave something sweet after a long week? Whether your vice is a giant cupcake heaped with frosting, a huge slice of pie a la mode, or just a simple cookie, Dallas has it. Have you ever just taken a Saturday afternoon to go visit a bakery? It’s so calming. The smell of sugar in the air, and all the beautiful cases lined with treats. It’s hard to pick just one! These are our favorite Dallas cake, cookie, and pie shops. If you need something extra special for a birthday, a bachelorette party, or even if you just want to take your brunch get-together to the next level, get one of these sweet treats to really stand out!

Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats - CBD Provisions

CBD Provisions - Downtown Dallas

CBD Provisions describes itself as a “Modern Texas Brasserie.” They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a fantastic bar featuring a wide selection of wine, beer, and hand-crafted cocktails. But today we’re all about dessert. The first thing that caught our eye on the menu (being from Texas) was something called a “churro basket.” It is exactly what it sounds like: a churro basket filled with coconut lime sorbet, pineapple jalapeno jam, and dulche de leche. Oh. my. The flavors just sing! Also featured on the menu is a lemon ice box pie, with poppy seed ice cream, and the classically summer strawberry rhubarb crisp. Delish!

Trailer Cakes - Uptown Dallas

If you’ve seen a legit Airstream trailer around Dallas  handing cupcakes out the window, you may have come across Bubbles. She is the mascot and roving food truck for Trailercakes. This awesome company with a serious 70s vibe has our hearts! Known for their spectacular cupcakes that come in more than 20 flavors like “Fonzie,” “Strawberry Fields” and “Stairway to Heaven,” their physical shop is located on Knox street in Uptown. They also have cake balls and cookies! Grab one for a treat, or order a dozen for you + friends. The slogan “Happiness is in the frosting” is really true!

Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats - Trailer Cakes
Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats - Emporium Pies

Emporium Pies - Deep Ellum

Not into cupcakes? Is PIE more your thing? We are coming up on the summer months, and pie is a staple. Make your way down to Deep Ellum to get some of the most delicious, deep dish pies you’ve ever had. Our favorite is Lord of the Pies, an enormous mouth-watering apple pie. No, you have NEVER had apple pie like this. It’s a tower standing so tall, you may need to upgrade your fork. There are ten apples in just one! We are also big fans of the Cloud Nine pie, a ridiculous creme pie with butterscotch and caramel custard. Perfect for a fall evening with a cup of coffee. Impress your friends for the 4th of July this summer with a pie from Emporium Pies.

Society Bakery - Lower Greenville

This is perhaps the most famous bakery in Dallas. Society Bakery on Lower Greenville has baked goodies for celebrities like New Kids On the Block, Mark Cuban, and William Shatner. This bakery is one of the most diverse around featuring loads of different items like cakes and cupcakes in tons of different flavors, brownies, petit fours, and even cookies and pies. If you want something custom made, Society Bakery can do it! And the taste is divine. Flavors like pink champagne, boston creme, and banana chocolate chip are just a few of the options. Check out their amazing designs – these cakes are magazine-worthy!

Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats - Society Bakery
Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats - Cake Bar

Cake Bar - Trinity Groves

Cake Bar is in the heart of the Trinity Groves neighborhood, and we’re so glad that this adorable little shop is part of the revitalization of West Dallas! They have a definite southern flair (the owner is from Augusta, Georgia!), with cakes that are “what you grew up with.” Totally made from scratch, you can choose from 16 different cakes, along with a variety of other treats like breads, cookies, and ice cream. This shop is worth visiting in person, and bonus – you can purchase a slice of cake if you want to try the flavors before getting a whole one!

Bisous Bisous Patisserie - West Village

Did we step into France? At Bisous Bisous Patisserie it may feel like you’ve found your way into Paris. We can’t get enough of these exquisite French pastries that you won’t find anywhere else in Dallas. Nothing is more romantic than a tower of beautiful macarons, and the light, flaky cookies almost melt in your mouth. Want to learn some of your own baking skills? Bisous Bisous offers classes where you can get some hands-on experience. Stop by for a tart or a macaron anytime, as they are located on McKinney Avenue in West Village, next to J. Crew.

Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats - Bisous Bisous

Where is your favorite bakery in Dallas? Have you gotten a custom cake that is so amazing you would share it with us? We would love to see it!

Dallas Bakeries for Sweet Treats
27 Apr 2017
Dallas Juice Bar Craze

There isn’t anything better than going out for “drinks” and feeling energized afterwards instead of coming off of a sugar high or, worse, a hangover. That’s why we’re obsessed with the latest craze in Dallas: the juice bar. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to! Unlike juice that you purchase in the grocery store in pre-packaged bottles, juice bars are known for offering refreshing drinks with benefits that make you feel good. First, you get all those vitamins that you’d get from eating the fruit by itself. Most juice bars don’t use added sugar, and ingredients can aid in getting rid of toxins, and balancing the digestive system. Bonuses? Brighter skin, a happier tummy, glowing hair and nails, energy, and happiness. So drink up, Dallas! These are our picks for juice bars around town.

Dallas Juice Bar Craze - The Juice Bar

The Juice Bar - Highland Park Village

The Juice Bar actually has FOUR locations in the Dallas area. Owned by two local SMU grads, they make juices, bowls, and smoothies with quality ingredients. Everything here is juiced fresh while you wait – and the ingredient list goes far beyond apples and oranges. We would love to try the watermelon + mint combo, or the “Happy Healer” which has pineapple, cucumber, romaine, spinach, and turmeric. YUM!

Nekter Juice Bar - Dallas & Plano

Each juice at Nekter contains up to three pounds of fresh fruits and veggies. Wow! This is a nationwide franchise, so the name “Nekter Juice” is pretty well known. We love all the flavor options like “The Buzz,” which is carrot, orange, lemon and ginger. Sure to give you a little zing for the day! In need of a cleanse? The knowledgeable staff can steer you in the right direction. If you need a quick fix for breakfast, check out the smoothies or acai bowls on the menu.

Dallas Juice Bar Craze - Nekter Juice Bar
Dallas Juice Bar Craze - Brewed + Pressed

Brewed + Pressed Uptown/West Village

Organic + wild-crafted is the source for all the ingredients used at Brewed + Pressed. They describe nourishment as an art. You may recognize this name because of its association with the west-coast chain, Stumptown Coffee. All juices are cold pressed, with no added chemicals and no processing to produce quality juice that is as fresh as possible. The menu is extensive with juices, shakes, coffee, tea, breakfast bites, and even sweets like truffles and cheesecake. But there’s no guilt associated with the items here!

Roots Juices - Oaklawn

Roots Juices has two stores in Dallas and two in Atlanta. They also make it really easy to buy juices online, which is super convenient if you aren’t nearby. Also, if you’re new to juicing it can be confusing. (What do you need? What tastes the best? What does ginger do?) The names of these juices are pretty easy to follow. Got a cold? There’s a juice for that. Need energy? They have that too. Trying to burn fat or want a basic one day juice cleanse? Yep. Their pricing is right there and they ship free all over the state of Texas. Want to read up on juicing and all the benefits? Check out Roots’ regularly-updated blog.

Dallas Juice Bar Craze - Roots Juice
Dallas Juice Bar Craze - The Gem

The Gem - Northeast Dallas

GEM is so much more than a juice bar. These ladies are powerhouses of health, and they want you to discover “Diamonds on the Inside” like they did. Gem not only serves the freshest organic juice, but also offers health counseling and coaching. They’ll help you reach all your health and fitness goals! We love this ingredient list and explanation on their website, so you can figure out exactly what combo is right for you. We want to try the Ruby Slipper (carrot, cucumber, beet, lemon, and ginger) and the Emerald City Smoothie (celery, spinach, basil, ginger, apple, lemon, and cucumber).

Have you tried one of these Juice Bars in Dallas? Let us know what you think!

Dallas Juice Bar Craze - We are obsessed with these refreshing drinks with benefits that make you feel good!
19 Apr 2017
The Best Townhomes in Dallas

Townhomes are a pretty sweet gig for living. It can make you feel like you have more space because most townhomes come with a garage and multiple levels of living! One floor for entertaining, and another private floor for your bedroom. The stairs can add a regal touch and make your space feel huge. We are big fans of townhomes, and there are plenty of them to choose from in Dallas!

Best Townhomes in Dallas - Greenvue in Richardson

Greenvue in Richardson

2 BR Starting @ $1950

This place not only has beautifully laid out townhome floorplans but also the coolest amenities we’ve ever seen. I mean, a golf simulator? What?! These apartment homes in Richardson are spectacular. Upscale doesn’t begin to describe the look and feel, the careful design, and how sleek everything is. It’s a pet friendly community as well, which of course gives it extra bonus points. Choose from one or two bedrooms and enjoy valet trash and a TRX machine in the fitness center!

Best Townhomes in Dallas - Jefferson Stonebriar in Frisco

Jefferson Stonebriar in Frisco

1 BR Starting @ $1432

If you thought swim-up bars were only at the resorts in Mexico…you haven’t seen this luxury property in Frisco! Where do we start? The kitchens are beautiful with islands, and granite/quartz countertops. The 10′ ceilings make you feel like you’re living in a castle. There’s a full-size washer/dryer in every apartment home. We can’t get enough of the endless “extras” like all the floor plan choices, the coffee bar, and the HUGE public park adjacent to the community. Amazing!

Best Townhomes in Dallas - The Atwood on Greenville Ave in Dallas

The Atwood on Upper Greenville

1 BR Starting @ $1966 | 2 BR Starting @ $2633

Just one mile from SMU are these stylish townhomes with attached garages for EVERY single unit! The rooftop lounge might be our favorite element here, perfect for grilling and outdoor lounging. There is also a yoga studio on site, along with a fitness center, and the perfect pool for swimming and relaxation. The interiors are designed with impeccable modern touches like brushed chrome accents, stainless steel appliances, and custom backsplashes. You can’t beat this location!

Best Townhomes in Dallas - Hue at Cityplace in Dallas

Hue @ Cityplace

2 BR Starting @ $1940

These townhomes in the Cityplace neighborhood have just been renovated. That means super contemporary, modern interiors! The views, the amenities, and the floor plan options are fantastic. The huge pantries are great if you like to experiment with your chef skills, along with the stainless steel GE appliances. There is a Paw Park on site for you and your fur children to enjoy, and a beautiful (huge!) swimming pool for relaxing or cooling off in the Texas heat. You’re in a great location between Uptown and Downtown Dallas.

Best Townhomes in Dallas - Lakewood on the Trail

Lakewood on the Trail

2 BR Starting @ $1545

We love everything about this adorable homey community close to White Rock Lake. You literally have access to the Santa Fe trail, which gives you nearly endless miles for walking, jogging, or biking. The grounds are beautiful with the country club adjacent and all the nature from the lake surrounding you. The amenities include black on black appliances, plenty of parking, private patios, and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. It is peaceful perfection! Close to a Whole Foods and all that the Lakewood area has to offer.

Let our expert team of Apartment Locators help you find the townhome of your dreams!

21 Mar 2017
The Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

Sometimes I miss being in college. There was just something so soothing about a quiet morning at a coffee shop off the square downtown. The sun streaming in the big windows, quiet acoustic music in the background, and the smell of the coffee brewing. Come on, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Now that we are all adults, it’s comforting to go back to that place sans homework. When I first moved to Dallas, I didn’t know where ANY of the good coffeeshops were. I made it my mission to find out and I’ve tested them all for you. Here are the team’s favorite coffee shops in Dallas!

MudSmith - Best Coffee Shops in Dallas


Mudsmith on Lower Greenville is not only one of the best coffee shops, it’s got brews so you can easily head there on a Wednesday morning or a Friday night! We love the big tables where you can spread out if you’re working, and the cool back room that looks like a library straight out of Beauty and the Beast. The baristas make great recommendations if you aren’t sure what you want. Some personal favorites are the kombucha on draft and a straight-up Americano. Plenty of outlets if you need technology + free wi-fi. Two locations now, one in Dallas and one in Fort Worth!

Houndstooth - Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

Houndstooth Coffee

This chain is based in Austin, so you know it’s good. (Okay we’re a little biased, but we love the funky vibe of Austin and can’t get enough!) Like Mudsmith, Houndstooth isn’t just for coffee. Although we highly suggest you go there for a brew…the baristas are skilled! You can get beer, wine, tea, and even pastries. “The Pattern of Coffee and People” is the theme here; the space is inspiring and inviting. Plenty of seating, too so you won’t feel crammed. The double shot is strong, and the cold brew is Ah-mazing! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Ascension - Best Coffee Shops in Dallas


Over in Oak Lawn you can check out Ascension, an adorable cafe that is much more than a fabulous coffee shop. They describe themselves as a “farm-to-table restaurant and wine bar that leads with a coffee focus.” The ambiance here is what keeps us coming back for more. Wooden tables with red accents, and even live music events. Perfect for a date night. They actually roast their own coffee, and they’re so serious they’ve got a roastery. They operate a training lab if you want to learn more and even roast your coffee at home!

1418 Coffeehouse - Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

1418 Coffeehouse

Downtown Dallas doesn’t get the claim to fame for everything. If you live a bit further north or perhaps out in the burbs, drive over to the adorable downtown Plano area. The 1418 coffeehouse does not disappoint! It’s a quirky shop with exceptionally good coffee. Couches, big comfy chairs, and even tables make it a great place to study and enjoy the slightly rustic feel and indie vibes. They even have Emporium Pie by the slice!

The Best Coffee Shops in Dallas
8 Mar 2017
Brand New Dallas Apartments

Brand New Dallas Apartments!

There are some sweet new apartments opening soon in Dallas, and we can’t wait to get our feet in the door. We’re talking about insta/snap-worthy living rooms, chef-inspired kitchens, serious luxury amenities, and just a general feeling of modern living!

Some of these features are insane (umm, a built-in vegetable sprayer? HDTVs by the pool? A bench IN your shower?!) But hey, you only live once so you should definitely get what you want. And these apartments got it right when they decided which amenities to include, which floorplans to offer, and what the best of Dallas living looks like.

Don’t wait! Some of these communities have just opened and others are coming soon. If you’re interested, give one of our Dallas Apartment Locators a call and let us help you find the perfect new pad.


So much history in this building that was originally built as a hotel in 1956. It has been transformed into stunning luxury apartments featuring a variety of floor plans. These apartments are beautiful and they thought of everything! It’s a 100% smoke free building for starters. The floors are authentic hardwood, and other features include frameless glass showers (some with benches inside!), elevators, and a generous pet policy. Do you want to live like you have access to a hotel concierge 24/7? Room service, dry cleaning, pet walking, and housekeeping are available to you.


At the heart of these lofts is the Dallas Farmers Market. (Get it? Harvest?) We love the vibe here; it’s so homey, so much variety and little accents that make this community unique. We guarantee that you will love it, and have the urge to get into cooking your farm fresh veggies! The variety of floor plans is something that adds a special touch. They have everything from studios to three bedroom layouts. Kitchens are bright and clean with white cabinets, and the stone counters add another level. Much more is available and it just depends on which floorplan you choose! Call us for details.


Just looking at the photos of this gorgeous urban high rise takes our breath away. They literally just opened for leasing and these babies are going fast! Tons of options from studios to luxurious 3 bedroom plans. The balconies, the rooftop pool, skydeck, fireplace, and the view….oh the view. We already love Victory Park because of its location near the Design District of Dallas, the proximity to the Katy Trail and the American Airlines Center. All the layouts are open concept, and each comes with a full size washer and dryer, and an electronic home entry system. Dog spa on site, and plenty of parking!


One Uptown is literally one of the swankiest living experiences in Dallas. From the outside you already get the feeling that this isn’t an ordinary Dallas apartment community. The wavy architecture of the building is so unique and the interiors echo that concept. From luxury climate control systems to keyless entry, you’ll be amazed at what is offered here. (There are even hospitality suites available when you have guests from out of town!) Dine at Fogo de Chao or Circo on site or walk to Whole Foods to collect ingredients for a favorite recipe. We would love to show you what your life could be like here!


Stay tuned for more details coming from this uptown community opening in May 2017. Here’s what we know so far direct from the source: “28TwentyEight is a serene boutique Apartment Community located in the heart of Uptown and will be offering residents the ease of urban living within a quiet and refined community. 28TwentyEight will offer Studio, One, Two and 3 Bedroom Residences for lease and an extraordinary quality of interior finish out and amenities for the discerning resident.” Eeeek! Check back with us for more information.

We have access to ALL the details about the new apartments up and coming in Dallas. If you want to know what’s available that will fit your budget, or if you’ve got a wild list of expectations you want to meet…our Dallas apartment locators are totally up for the challenge. Give us a call at 972-413-8071 or Start your Apartment Search today.

28 Feb 2017
St. Patrick's Day Parade & Events

You don’t have to be in Dallas long to hear about the St. Patricks Day festival on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. Events planned for the day include:

A 5k Race
w Prize Money

St. Patrick's Day 5K Run Dallas 2017

The Infamous Parade
+ Exhibitions & Booths

St. Patrick's Day Parade Dallas 2017 - Exhibitions & Booths

Bar Crawl
& Green Beer

St. Patrick's Day Parade Dallas 2017 - Green Beer Pub Crawl

Jimmy Eat World
in Concert

Jimmy Eat World Concert St. Patrick's Day 2017

Basically you should start getting ready now. And the BEST PART this year is that Dallas Sky Lofts is going to be in on all the fun – giving away free stuff and hanging out with you! Be sure to swing by our tent in the Meadows Building parking lot.

The whole St. Patricks Day festival goes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be plenty going on to keep you occupied the whole day – come early for a parking spot or consider taking an Uber or the Dart. It gets pretty crazy down there.

Get started with your day by feeling good running (or walking) for a cause. This’ll also give you some extra calories to spend on green beer later! The Dash Down Greenville is celebrating their 22nd annual 5k race this year! You’ll feel good because the money raised from this event goes to the North Texas Food Bank. There’s beer, food, a live band, and prizes…definitely worth getting out of bed a little earlier for the starting line at 8 a.m. You’ll go home with some awesome race swag! There’s still time to sign up so grab your friends and get to it.

After the 5k stick around for the parade. You can’t miss it with a route that is more than two miles in length and 90 parade floats to check out. The parade gets started to the north on the corner of Blackwell and Greenville Ave and proceeds down Greenville, turning West onto SMU Boulevard for the big finish. The parade is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Dallas 2017 - Course Map

The final fun for the day is seeing Jimmy Eat World and Rooney in concert at Energy Square. Tickets start at $15 and doors are scheduled to open at noon. (All concert goers must be 21+).

17 Feb 2017
Recently Renovated Apartments in Dallas

Renovated properties need love too!

It seems like a new apartment is popping up just about every other day in Dallas! Take any exit off of 75 and you’ll likely come across a construction site. But you know what? Not everything has to be brand new and flashy! Some of our favorite apartments have stood the test of time – and have become wonderful homes for people in the Dallas area.

Our team of apartment locators LOVE a good upgrade. And there’s just something that makes you feel really good about a sense of renewal, whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, a brand new swimming pool, heck – even new lighting can make a HUGE difference! It also helps if you can save a little bit of money; sometimes the newest apartment communities carry a higher price tag.

These are our favorite apartments that have been upgraded or renovated in Dallas! Contact your favorite Dallas Sky Lofts apartment locator to get more details.

Metropolitan @ CityPlace

1 BR starts @ 1137 | 2 BR / 1BA starts @ $1428 | 2BR / 2BA starts @ $1673

This community was formerly known as The Milo. Recently they have undergone some serious improvements. There’s a brand new gym to get your sweat on and pool with a full outdoor kitchen, as well as a cyber café. This community is a perfect choice for SMU students!

The Moxie

1 BR starts @ $1000

These apartment homes have also been recently renovated with brand new interiors. Here you’ll get a lot of bang for your dollar: there’s a stackable washer and dryer in each home! We’ve got the details on all the renovations. Redesigned pool, huge closets and a pet park are the main draws here. Not to mention the location is hard to beat, on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas.

Arches @ Park Cities

1BR starts @ $1,076 | 2BR/1BA starts @ $1360 | 3BR/2BA rates vary

Another apartment with fantastic new features. The kitchens have beautiful back splashes with under cabinet lighting for a very homey feel. You’ll want to cook every night! Also this particular community is known for their awesome resident events; if you want to meet people and have the opportunity to attend a ton of get-togethers, this is the place for you.

Lure @ Cedar Springs

1 BR starts @ $1000 | 2 BR / 1BA starts @ $1255 | 2BR / 2BA starts @ $1400 | 3BR / 2BA starts @ $1605

Upgrades here include contemporary features like granite countertops, wood style flooring, and tons of open spaces with natural light. You’ll love all of the amazing top-notch upgrades in the amenities like the pool and the fitness center. Some apartments have private patios and fireplaces! The location in Uptown has 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options; located on a quiet street just off of Cedar Springs Road.

Lincoln on University

1 BR starts @ 1250 | 2 BR starts @ $1599

If you live here, you get access to a complimentary SMU shuttle and a Starbucks coffee machine! Definite musts for busy students. Gorgeous new kitchens – stainless steel or black, with plenty of room and granite countertops.

If you’re in the mood for a fresh, clean upgrade on an apartment in a fabulous location, give us a call at 972-413-8071 or Start your Apartment Search today. There are literally endless options, so save yourself some time!

Recently Renovated Apartments in Dallas
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