The new year is such a great time to hit the reset button. If you aren’t a big fan of resolutions, that’s ok. It’s better to be honest with yourself rather than set insane goals that you’ll be abandoning by March. It’s cold and we have no reason to go out so now is the perfect time to focus on your living space.

Do you love your space? Is your apartment a safe haven at the end of a tough work day? Is it a perfect place to curl up with a good cup of coffee early on a Sunday morning?

If it’s not the comfortable, cozy place you dream of, here are some tips to spruce it up a little bit as you kick off this year. You deserve it! Your apartment should be an expression of who you are. The reset button isn’t just for diets and exercise plans. Hit the reset button and give your apartment a refresh on ANY budget!


This is the most budget friendly item of all. It doesn’t require buying anything new – just switching up what you already have! If you’ve been in the same place for more than six months and you have yet to clean under your couch or your bed, this is definitely where you should start. Clean everything – even the inside of your microwave and fridge! For rearranging, be sure to unplug electronics first and then try moving big pieces around. Even a small change like bringing a bookshelf into your living room, or swapping the position of your bed can make a huge difference. Improve the flow, energy, and functionality by trying a new layout.


Try adding an adorable throw blanket at the foot of your bed or to your couch. Add a new houseplant to your living room or kitchen. Try a wall hanging with fringe or a chunky rug for your kitchen or bathroom. What about a new centerpiece for your coffee table or kitchen table? Even something as simple as swapping out your artwork or little accents can bring a freshness to your home. If you don’t have much money to spend, check out online Facebook Groups for folks selling great pieces for cheap nearby!


If you don’t LOVE the way something looks, change it out. Don’t be afraid if you move things around and don’t like it the first time. It might take a few tries to get it just right. Move lamps from room to room. Try moving side tables. Get out your vases and jars and try adding them to a bookshelf or a table. Check out Pinterest for inspiration (just don’t get stuck endlessly scrolling for hours, that’s always a danger). Add an adorable bar cart to your kitchen or a new area for a coffee bar on your counters! Look at each little space independently and design it to fit your lifestyle.


If you do have a little bit of a budget to play with, shop smart. In January it’s the BEST time to buy linens or towels! If you’re using the same towels you had in college, or you have never played with curtains on your windows, now’s the time to get a great deal. You’d be surprised at how new sheets or towels can improve the look and feel of your apartment. We are huge fans of the Threshold sheets from Target (sateen is super soft and silky!) Want to try some curtain panels? TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are perfect places to grab a few to try. This Apartment Therapy Guide can help you figure out how to hang curtains. It’s not hard, we promise – no drilling required! Most department stores host “White Sales” in January to get rid of their inventory on sheets, towels, and bedding. Pick a theme and go for it. You can always return anything that doesn’t work well with your fresh design.


Get rid of clutter.¬†We put this in a different category because organizing and cleaning are two totally different things! You might want to tackle this one on a different day or before your try rearranging and cleaning. We all have that one drawer or closet in the apartment that contains a box full of random junk or stuff we just haven’t bothered dealing with. Old papers, random tools, etc. You will feel SO much better if you just sort it out! Decide what you want to keep and what isn’t worth sacrificing the space for. If you really do want to keep things, decide where they belong in your apartment. If you struggle here, think about it this way: “is this an item I need to have access to every day?” If it is, it should be in a drawer or on a lower closet shelf. If it’s not, consider why you’re keeping it and designate a place for it, like a higher shelf or a basket with other like items.

Here’s to a happy, healthy new year! Let us know if you borrowed any of our tips for an apartment refresh in the comments below!

5 Tips for an Apartment Refresh