Time for turkey, pie, stuffing, pie, mashed potatoes, and…did we say pie? With just a little over 48 hours to go, we hope you’re prepared or at least started on whatever your are supposed to bring. We love this time of year, getting together with family and friends to celebrate, eating, watching football (um, and being off of work…)

It seems that Thanksgiving really kicks off the holiday season, and chances are you’ll be hosting friends or family in your apartment at some point. Maybe you won’t host the full-on Thanksgiving feast or Christmas morning, but perhaps you really want to host a holiday party or fun get together. And you should! Show off your apartment and blow your guests away by following our tips for being a boss host (or hostess) in your apartment.


You don’t have to prepare six months ahead of time by repainting your walls or buying all new furniture before you have company, but you do need to have some sort of plan. Think about sleeping arrangements, eating meals together, and basically just having other people in your space. The best advice we can give us this: have a plan and be sure to communicate it clearly and early. Tell your guests what to expect! Ask them what they expect! That way there will be no uncomfortable surprises. If you only have one bathroom, maybe think about asking your guests about their morning routine.


This seems obvious, but it’s too important to leave off the list. Think about your space and really go the extra mile. Yes you want to dust, vacuum, and put away that pile of clothes or your unfolded laundry. Borrow these secrets: throw a few cloves in your vacuum before you run it (it’ll make your whole place smell amazing) and light a candle a day ahead. Do your laundry and put fresh hand towels out. Get an extra set of hand soap from Bath & Body Works. Set things out you know your guests will need, and consider putting your WiFi code on a little index card for easy access!


If you only have two old towels from your college days, you need to head out to the nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond for some spares. Your guests will need clean towels and linens. Got someone sleeping on the sofa? Make sure to have an extra sheet handy. These things won’t break the bank and can easily be bought online or in store ahead of time (watch for a sale!) Are you hosting a dinner? Check for napkins, a cute tablecloth, and make sure you have enough dishes for everyone to eat all at the same time.


Think about what your guests like to eat. If you’re the type of person that only has ketchup and mustard in the house at any given moment, or leftover takeout from your latest DoorDash or GrubHub delivery, GO TO THE GROCERY STORE. It’s not scary, we promise. You don’t have to buy a week’s worth of full meals, but you do need to have some food on hand. You can get basic things like muffins or bagels for breakfast, and grab a bag of pretzels, granola bars, or fresh fruit to have on hand. It’s a kind gesture for guests who may arrive late or be hungry first thing in the morning.


Part of this one goes back to our plan and lots of communication! Figure out when your family or friends will arrive. If you’re going to be at work or otherwise engaged, make sure they can get in to your apartment. You could leave an extra key with a neighbor or your concierge. Show that you care by making arrangements for them and thinking ahead. Consider parking also if they’ll be driving in. It’s a good idea to let your apartment management or neighbors know you’ll have guests, especially if it’s for more than a few days.


While your company is here, what will you do? Certainly you don’t want everyone sitting in your apartment the whole time. Could you run a 5k? Go out to dinner? See a movie? If your family or friends have never been to the DFW area before, you can do a little sightseeing! Check out the Fort Worth Stockyards, the JFK Museum or George W. Bush Library if they’re history buffs, or check out Reunion Tower. Just have some options in mind and do a little bit of research ahead of time. This can be a huge life saver when people start getting on your nerves or when you just have got to get out of the apartment!

The most important thing for the holiday season is to enjoy your time with family and friends. Be the host or hostess with the mostess using these tips!

6 Tips for Being a Boss Host in Your Apartment