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21 Nov 2017
6 Tips for Being a Boss Host in Your Apartment


Time for turkey, pie, stuffing, pie, mashed potatoes, and…did we say pie? With just a little over 48 hours to go, we hope you’re prepared or at least started on whatever your are supposed to bring. We love this time of year, getting together with family and friends to celebrate, eating, watching football (um, and being off of work…)

It seems that Thanksgiving really kicks off the holiday season, and chances are you’ll be hosting friends or family in your apartment at some point. Maybe you won’t host the full-on Thanksgiving feast or Christmas morning, but perhaps you really want to host a holiday party or fun get together. And you should! Show off your apartment and blow your guests away by following our tips for being a boss host (or hostess) in your apartment.


You don’t have to prepare six months ahead of time by repainting your walls or buying all new furniture before you have company, but you do need to have some sort of plan. Think about sleeping arrangements, eating meals together, and basically just having other people in your space. The best advice we can give us this: have a plan and be sure to communicate it clearly and early. Tell your guests what to expect! Ask them what they expect! That way there will be no uncomfortable surprises. If you only have one bathroom, maybe think about asking your guests about their morning routine.


This seems obvious, but it’s too important to leave off the list. Think about your space and really go the extra mile. Yes you want to dust, vacuum, and put away that pile of clothes or your unfolded laundry. Borrow these secrets: throw a few cloves in your vacuum before you run it (it’ll make your whole place smell amazing) and light a candle a day ahead. Do your laundry and put fresh hand towels out. Get an extra set of hand soap from Bath & Body Works. Set things out you know your guests will need, and consider putting your WiFi code on a little index card for easy access!


If you only have two old towels from your college days, you need to head out to the nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond for some spares. Your guests will need clean towels and linens. Got someone sleeping on the sofa? Make sure to have an extra sheet handy. These things won’t break the bank and can easily be bought online or in store ahead of time (watch for a sale!) Are you hosting a dinner? Check for napkins, a cute tablecloth, and make sure you have enough dishes for everyone to eat all at the same time.


Think about what your guests like to eat. If you’re the type of person that only has ketchup and mustard in the house at any given moment, or leftover takeout from your latest DoorDash or GrubHub delivery, GO TO THE GROCERY STORE. It’s not scary, we promise. You don’t have to buy a week’s worth of full meals, but you do need to have some food on hand. You can get basic things like muffins or bagels for breakfast, and grab a bag of pretzels, granola bars, or fresh fruit to have on hand. It’s a kind gesture for guests who may arrive late or be hungry first thing in the morning.


Part of this one goes back to our plan and lots of communication! Figure out when your family or friends will arrive. If you’re going to be at work or otherwise engaged, make sure they can get in to your apartment. You could leave an extra key with a neighbor or your concierge. Show that you care by making arrangements for them and thinking ahead. Consider parking also if they’ll be driving in. It’s a good idea to let your apartment management or neighbors know you’ll have guests, especially if it’s for more than a few days.


While your company is here, what will you do? Certainly you don’t want everyone sitting in your apartment the whole time. Could you run a 5k? Go out to dinner? See a movie? If your family or friends have never been to the DFW area before, you can do a little sightseeing! Check out the Fort Worth Stockyards, the JFK Museum or George W. Bush Library if they’re history buffs, or check out Reunion Tower. Just have some options in mind and do a little bit of research ahead of time. This can be a huge life saver when people start getting on your nerves or when you just have got to get out of the apartment!

The most important thing for the holiday season is to enjoy your time with family and friends. Be the host or hostess with the mostess using these tips!

6 Tips for Being a Boss Host in Your Apartment
10 Nov 2017
Check Out Bishop Arts in Dallas

With a million destinations to check out in Dallas, why are you spending every Saturday driving to the same mall and stores? There is so much to see and if you don’t get out of your neighborhood, you may never discover all of the hidden gems that can make your weekend spectacular in Dallas.

This week we want to highlight the Bishop Arts District. This absolutely charming neighborhood is just a few minutes south of downtown Dallas, and it is so worth the drive. If you’re craving something different, with a vibrant feel, this is the perfect Saturday getaway. There is plenty to do here to keep you busy for an afternoon or two. Old brick buildings line the streets housing trendy coffee shops, adorable eateries, and boutiques for shopping. Nothing is cookie cutter or suburban; in fact it’s been dubbed “The Brooklyn of Dallas.” It’s clear that each building here has a deep, rich history and is quietly being restored into something beautiful. Bishop Arts has even been featured in the New York Times.

Abandon your car and walk or grab a bicycle and pop into the artistic shops awaiting you. If you love craft drinks, unique espresso combinations or wine walks, you’re sure to find at least one. There are more cafes, spas, boutiques, and art galleries to wander in and out of for hours.

Our Favorite Destinations in Bishop Arts

Check out Bishop Arts - OddFellows



No list of favs would be complete for Bishop Arts without this quirky restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they’re open seven days a week. Dessert is to die for, and we love the kale artichoke dip. Tons of options, so it’s sure to please even the pickiest in your crew.

Check out Bishop Arts - We Are 1976


We Are 1976

This shop is definitely a collection of someone’s favorite things. We can’t promise you’ll find something you’re searching for…but you’ll smile at all the little cute things there are to browse. Pottery, prints, cards (it is a letterpress studio, after all), make perfect gifts. You may get inspired to craft a bit on your own. They’re prepared for that! This shop offers letterpress printmaking workshops so check back and try out your skills.

Check out Bishop Arts - Magnolia Apartments


Magnolia Bishop Arts

Currently there aren’t hundreds of options for apartment living in Bishop Arts. In fact, it’s a little slim (although there are tons of opportunities just a few minutes away in Trinity Groves or other areas of Oak Cliff.) We love the Magnolia for its lavish finishes and modern style. This community is walking distance to all our favorite places and they have AMAZING touches like built-in wine fridges and home speakers! They absolutely paid attention to the details.

Check out Bishop Arts - Jen Mauldin Gallery


Jen Mauldin Gallery

We love the thought of gazing at thought-provoking art for an afternoon, don’t you? This gallery features contemporary art created by Dallas locals. Features rotate, so be sure to check back. Photography, painting, sculpture…it’s breathtaking work that’s worth a stop.

Check out Bishop Arts - The Wild Detective


The Wild Detectives

Is it a bookstore? A bar? A coffee shop? It’s the best of all the worlds literally with a menu spanning from espresso drinks to cocktails. But here, it’s not really about the drinks…it’s about the ambiance. This shop inspires you to pick up a book, or start a conversation with someone new. They host all kinds of events from poetry readings to movie screenings. A true convergence of culture and comfort!

This is literally just a teensy sampling of what’s available in Bishop Arts. Trendy? Yes, but not your typical “Dallas” trendy. Unique? You bet. You won’t find the things that are available here anywhere else in Dallas. From vintage to the ultra mod, they’ve got it all. Even big names like Gloria’s and Eno’s Pizza are finding new homes here.

This is definitely one of Dallas’ up-and-coming neighborhoods. You should get in on the fun now while it’s still (relatively) a hidden pocket. The best part is, you probably won’t have to fight the Northpark-size crowds to get close. It’s the perfect destination for a day like “Small Business Saturday,” to get all your Christmas shopping done. It’s fun to break the mold, and that’s just the kind of mantra Bishop Arts represents.

If you decide you have to move because you can’t get enough, well, that’s what we’re here for!

Get a Quick Search Started!


Check Out Bishop Arts!
25 Oct 2017
5 Must-Do's for Fall in Dallas

Congratulations, Texas. You survived yet another brutal summer. Now that the pools are closed and the air has actually cooled down (we don’t see another 85-degree day in the forecast) we can all breathe a sigh of relief. If you’ve got the autumn spirit all over your apartment from our previous post on decorating for fall, now it’s time to head out on the town. We’ve got the details for all the best fall events happening around Dallas for the next few weeks. Don’t miss out! Now is the time to get out and enjoy the most BEAUTIFUL weather this time of year! These are like the five commandments of fall events in DFW.

Things to do in Dallas this Fall - The Pumpkin Patch

You Must Go to a Pumpkin Patch!

If it’s fall and your instagram is void of pumpkin patch photos, something is totally wrong. So put on your best plaid, grab your sunnies and head outdoors with a few friends. This is not just an activity for little kiddos! Some of our favorites are the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, a great choice if you need to stick close to home. We also love Preston Trail Farms, home of the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm. They have hay rides, a hay maze, and even a general store and a gift shop! A perfect day trip just a little ways north of DFW, and definitely worth the drive.

Get Brave & Head to a Haunted House

Who doesn’t love a little bit of a thrill and those goosebumps you get from walking through a terrifying haunted house? You can get that thrill (plus a lot extra) at the FrightFest at Six Flags over Texas, or gather your courage and go to Cutting Edge, an abandoned meat packing plant that is one of the scariest places in DFW. It’s got a loooong walk-through haunted house, nearly 40 minutes. They are award winning for a reason, it is legit. Eek! Seriously, I want to hide under my desk just writing this. Can you handle it?

Things to do in Dallas this Fall - Cutting Edge Haunted House
Things to do in Dallas this Fall - "Killer" Costumes

Plan a "Killer" (No Pun Intended) Halloween Costume

Obviously you have to plan for a costume to enjoy the Halloween festivities. Dallas has so many awesome costume shops and loads of thrift stores that make it easy to put something together even if you don’t have much time or extra cash. Still looking for ideas? We love these super creative DIY ideas  (we love the Snapchat filter idea!!!) There isn’t anything like a fun holiday to express your personality and creativity, from sexy to funny and everything in between. Don’t forget about your pooch! They can make the perfect addition or accessory to your costume choice.

Go Out & About - Pub Crawl!

Choosing a Halloween destination can be tough in Dallas because there’s just so much to do! If partying is your scene, be sure to head down to the Dallas Pub Crawl on October 28th. All along McKinney Ave and Lower Greenville bars will be participating! There is even a $500 costume contest! There are neighborhood block parties in Uptown and Oaklawn. Or you can check out Hotel ZaZa for specialty cocktails and bites with a DJ and dancing. Whatever you choose to do, be safe and have fun because the city will come alive this weekend!

Things to do in Dallas this Fall - Halloween Pub Crawl
Things to do in Dallas this Fall - Stay in and make Spooky Drinks

Watch ALL the Spooky Movies

After your night of partying, or perhaps since Halloween is actually on a Tuesday evening, why not have friends over for a spooky-themed movie night after work? From classics like Hocus Pocus to Scream, or even the most recent Ghostbusters movie, (which is hilarious) there are so many to choose from! Add a little festive charm with some spooky cocktails or these ghost kabobs! It doesn’t take much to make your celebration fun and festive.

No matter what you decide to do with our last few days of October, stay safe and have fun!

5 Must-Do's for Fall in Dallas
13 Oct 2017
5 Signs you Need a New Apartment

Your life in an apartment is always dictated by that one pesky thing: the lease. It comes up for renewal, and you may be good to go for 12, 18, or even at times 24 months! But inevitably when your lease is up, it’s time to make a choice. Do you try to move and find a new apartment or do you stay in the apartment you currently have? Making a pros and cons list can help, but sometimes you discover for one reason or another, it’s time to leave. Here are five signs you’re ready for a new apartment.

5 Signs you Need a New Apartment

You Just Aren't Happy

Maybe your rent is too high for what you feel you’re getting or you can’t stand your neighbors who party all night long when you have to get up and go to work the next day. Sometimes we just have bad experiences as renters. Any Google search will reveal the funny, (sometimes terrifying) stories of renting-gone-wrong. Maybe you just cannot DEAL with the bug problem…plugged up drain…or leaky window any longer and the maintenance team just isn’t cutting it. This is perhaps the best part of apartment living…nothing is keeping you there! While we definitely don’t advocate breaking a lease, you can work with your community to appropriately give them notice and start looking for a new place. And apartment locator pros like the ones on our team can work on just about ANY timeline. So whether you’re 60 days out or only have a few weeks, we welcome the challenge. Don’t put up with a situation that sucks, there are so many options out there. You deserve better!

Your Commute Gives You a Headache

On average, people change jobs nearly every 2 years. That’s a pretty fast-paced life, and one that can be hard to prepare for if you’re in a long-term lease. If what was once a 5 minute commute has become 45 minutes, your Monday through Friday can be a source of anxiety and frustration. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is enormous and you can put a lot of (expensive) miles on your car in a short period of time. There are plenty of apartment communities that can get you within a few miles of your place of employment. And if not, there’s always DART transportation! Your commute shouldn’t be something you dread every single day.

5 Signs you Need a New Apartment
5 Signs you Need a New Apartment

You're Still in the Same Apartment You had in College

(and it’s WAY past that time!) At some point, and we hate to break it to you, we do have to become adults. After college when you start your career and start making a regular, reliable income…it’s okay to stop living like a college student! Paying bills, shopping at a grocery store, keeping a regular schedule; it’s a sign of growing up and gaining responsibility! Give yourself permission to live like an adult. Buy some luxurious towels, and real bedding that is a level up from your dorm stuff. You know when you hit this point: when you’re out at the bars on a Friday night but you’d rather be at home in your comfortable living room eating take-out and watching Netflix. If your apartment community is really for the college scene and you don’t fit that profile anymore, it could be time to move on.

You are Moving Up in Your Career

Similar to no longer being a college student, at a certain point you DESERVE an awesome apartment. It all depends on how much you can afford in rent, but chances are if you’ve gotten a promotion or a raise you can afford to get a bit of a nicer place. Maybe you’d love an office in your apartment so you can work remote a day or two a week. What about a newer apartment community that has some amazing luxury amenities like a spin studio or a coffee lounge? It never hurts to explore. Treat yo self!

5 Signs you Need a New Apartment
5 Signs you Need a New Apartment

Another Lifestyle Change

If you’re getting married, or your roommate is moving out, now might be the time to consider moving. Maybe you really want to get a dog but your current apartment simply won’t allow it. Perhaps you’ve been with a roomie for so long you forgot what it’s like to live by yourself! Any of these lifestyle changes are signals that it might be time to move on. And you know what? You don’t even need a reason to move. If you simply want a change of scenery that’s ok too. You do what makes you happy, and enjoy your life!

For any reason, get a professional on your side to help you out! Dallas Sky Lofts has a whole team of amazing apartment locators that can help you find the perfect apartment in the perfect Dallas neighborhood and apartment community for you. Your budget. Your amenities. We’re waiting to hear from you!

27 Sep 2017
5 Fall Apartment Decorating Tips

Did you know that you don’t have to have a large spacious home in the suburbs to enjoy decorating for fall? September 22 marked the official first day of autumn, and although it may not feel like it yet in North Texas, it’s perfectly acceptable to start enjoying the fall weather. We hear a cool down is in the forecast! So whether your “thing” is pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of cinnamon, or wearing the biggest scarf you can find…we’ve got our decorating tips and hacks ready for you. You don’t have to blow your budget or spend a lot of time making complicated decisions. Take your basic spaces that every apartment has, and use our tips to get your apartment ready for fall! You’ll be planning a Halloween or Thanksgiving party, or heck, even just a fall dinner with pumpkin pie after you’re done.

Not crafty? No worries. You can make your space feel just like fall with a few bucks and Pinterest on your side. Anybody can buy pumpkins and paint them!

Start at the Front

Fall Decorating - Door Wreath

Yes, your front door. It’s the first place that you’ll see when you come home (so why not make it a happy reminder of the season?) and make it welcoming for your guests. Grab a wood crate at Walmart or your local Michael’s store for under $7, and pile on some pumpkins! Easy and low effort. Don’t want to worry about real pumpkins spoiling in the daytime heat? Grab a galvinized tub, wood crate or basket, and paint some plastic dollar store pumpkins white. Just arrange your pumpkins and gourds, or add an old checkered blanket and maybe even some straw as a filler. The final touch? Use command strips and hang up a wreath! This easy fall wreath costs you about $5 and the tutorial is simple, simple!

Set your Table

Fall Decorating - Table

Tables are such great blank spaces. And it doesn’t take much to turn the center of your kitchen into a beautiful fall masterpiece. Don’t have tablecloths or placemats? Don’t sweat it. An old checkered blanket or even just some fabric will work great. If it doesn’t cover the whole table, even better. This looks chic and effortless! Make sure you have some more plastic pumpkins…depending on what color theme you want, you can spray paint these to match. We love the gold and white theme for an elegant table. Add in a few pinecones here and there and a few candles and you’re good to go! These elegant tablescape ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Think about the Whole Picture

Choose a theme and think about how it’ll all flow together! The great thing about apartments is that they aren’t huge spaces, so just a little bit can go a long way. Here are our best tips about decorating your apartment for fall:

Fall Decorating - Michael's

If you’re going to head out in search of decor, visit Dollar General and Michael’s. These places are notorious for having fantastic, affordable fall decorations! Think wreaths, plastic pumpkins, table runners, etc. Everything you need.

Fall Decorating - Candles

Fall is all about smell. Invest in a great candle or two from Bath and Body Works (they have a fall sale!) and that will go a LONG way to making your place feel deliciously like autumn!

Fall Decorating - Vases & Dried Flowers

Can’t keep real flowers alive? Grab a handful of sunflowers at your local craft store and put them in a vase with mini pumpkins to cover the bottom. Lasts a lot longer and looks just as beautiful.

Fall Decorating - Pillows & Throws

Think about swapping out things you regularly keep around, like the pillows on your couch or the throw blanket you keep in your living room. Choose a color theme (red and plaid, white and gray with a hint of gold) and go for it!

Fall Decorating - Wine Bottle Candy

Really think about using things that you already have around your apartment. Mason jars can be painted white, even an empty wine bottle spray painted white or gold can make an excellent vase for flowers.

Do you decorate your apartment for fall? We want to see your DIY decor designs and ideas! Send us a shot of your front door or whatever you’ve done to up your fall game this year. Happy decorating!

5 Fall Apartment Decorating Tips
11 Sep 2017
The Best Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas

Choosing to be a dog owner when you live in an apartment means you have a lot of things to consider! Your list of “must-haves” for an apartment may be much different than someone who doesn’t own a pupper. Depending on the size of your pooch, you might need to look at apartment communities with a very lenient pet policy. And who likes walking down three flights of stairs just to take your dog outside at 11 p.m.? Nobody! So a first floor unit might be what you’re looking for.

But as dog owners have become more vocal, apartments in Dallas are doing a great job of paying attention. There are things like on-site dog parks, dog wash stations, even units that have private yards to eliminate any extra work on your part. That’s pretty cool! With these conveniences, it’s become much easier to have a dog while living in an apartment. Truthfully, dogs now can live in the big city and have an exceptional life. Whether you own a small corgi or a large labrador retriever, there’s an apartment in Dallas that has everything you need. These are some of the best pet friendly apartments in Dallas.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - The Kontour at Kessler Park

Kontour at Kessler Park

If you are a fan of big dogs that love to run, like Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, Huskies, Cattle dogs…you might be concerned about their lack of space in a traditional apartment. If your dog can eat off your kitchen counter without getting on two legs, yeah, an apartment life might seem kind of inconvenient! This community breaks all your previous conceptions about having bigger dogs in an apartment. Kontour at Kessler Park sits on TEN acres of land. They have a huge wooded dog park with space to really run for your pooch! You’ll feel like the best dog parent ever, giving them the freedom they love. Even better? Many of these units come with fenced-in yards. It’s the perfect haven for pet lovers in Dallas.

Ilume Park

Some dogs like to run, some dogs like to swim. If the annual “pooch swim” at your local pool isn’t enough for your pet, Ilume Park might be the perfect apartment for you. They actually have a bone shaped pool just for dogs. Did we also mention that it is complete with a fire hydrant sprayer? If your dog doesn’t worship the ground you walk on already, they will once you move in here. These apartment units also have private yards available, as well as not just one, but two enclosed dog parks. You can have all the pet bonding you want without ever having to leave home (which means, your car will have a lot less slobber and dog hair won’t be your regular work accessory)! After your pup gets out of the pool? Give them a quick wash at the on site pet salon. It’s doggie paradise.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - Crest at Oak Park

Crest at Oak Park

We love the Crest at Oak Park community. It’s perfectly situated in between Love Field and the Dallas North Tollway (what a great location, especially if you are a frequent flyer!). The property is simply stunning with lots of wide open spaces. If traveling to stroll around Bachmann Lake seems like a bit too much work, you’re in luck. Crest at Oak Park prides themselves on being pet friendly and they’ve made it a joy to be a pet owner! There is a huge private park on site, and many of the apartments have private yards. Your pet can have all the outdoor time they desire!

Austin at Trinity Green

This apartment community has a super lenient pet policy (here’s looking at you, NO weight limit!) We love that they’re located on Singleton Boulevard in Dallas, which means you have direct access to the miles of trails in the Trinity floodway just under the shadow of the Dallas skyline. Even if your dog has endless endurance, you won’t run out of places to go. This location is perfect if you love to drink and dine with your pet, because you’re close to the Trinity Groves area with pet-friendly patios for those cool nights and weekends. Gotta have a yard? They’re available too! And there’s a dog wash for convenience, in case you get a little muddy with all your adventures on the trails.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas - Austin at Trinity Green

What kind of pet do you have? How important is having a dog park or wide open spaces for you and your pooch? Tell us about it by leaving a comment or check out our Facebook page. We’d LOVE to see our newsfeed flooded with photos of your cute fur babies!

The Best Pet Friendly Apartments in Dallas
25 Aug 2017
Eat Free in Dallas If You Drink

Obviously, happy hour is pretty awesome. Drink deals? You bet that I will be there. But what about when the deal gets sweetened with not just drink deals, but FREE FOOD? And this goes way beyond a free bowl of chips and some salsa. SIGN. ME. UP. But, these deals aren’t super publicized, so how will you know? This fall when back to school or work has got you down, grab your pals and head to one of these restaurants and bars in Dallas for sweet drink deals, and free food.

Eat Free in Dallas - Dallas Fish Market

Dallas Fish Market

Wednesday and Friday are perfect days for a happy hour. Head over to Dallas Fish Market on Main Street from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for amazing cocktails, AND a complimentary sushi roll when you purchase an alcoholic drink! We love the Lotus Blossom Sangria and the Fishermans’ Cup (super refreshing for these hot late summer days). Now, those are the only hours where you can get that complimentary roll, but they have great deals with half price bites and drinks for happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m.

Rattlesnake Bar @ the Ritz Carlton

Usually you hear “the guac is extra,” but not at this bar. This is the BEST guacamole you’ve ever had, prepared by a “guacamologist” (whatever that job is I want it). Come have a drink, dressed in your best, for some five-star people watching and an impeccably-made drink. It is the Ritz Carlton, after all. These bites are crafted by the team at Fearing’s, one of the best restaurants in the world. While you’re here getting your 5-o’clock jam on, you’ll be offered sips of some mini margaritas, and perhaps some mini tacos too! All the fun starts at about 5:30-6ish on weekday evenings.

Eat Free in Dallas - Rattlesnake Bar
Eat Free in Dallas - Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime

Not far from the Ritz in Uptown is Ocean Prime – maybe your go-to for a fancy date night or anniversary. But be sure to head over for an after work drink sometimes and have a few bites of truffle popcorn. Warning: it is addictive. Sidle up to the bar, order a drink, and enjoy a bowl (or five) of this amazing popcorn coated in delicious, sumptuous, truffle oil. Popcorn is a completely acceptable dinner alternative, right? We won’t tell anyone.

World Beer Co. (The Bottle Shop)

Are you a fan of the ultimate pairing: pizza + beer? If that’s your go-to, this is the PLACE for you! Check out the World Beer Co. on Lower Greenville, where you’ll find a massive treasure trove of craft beer that you can take home in bottles, cans, growlers, or whatever else your heart desires. But don’t wait until Thursday or Friday to get your drinks for the weekend! Come on in on a Monday to pick up your favorites, and enjoy free pizza while you’re there. They have more specials throughout the week, including $3 Can Sunday Funday and Texas Tuesday (1/2 price select Texas bottles and drafts.) Yum.

Eat Free in Dallas - World Brewing Company
Eat Free in Dallas - Stampede 66

Stampede 66

Another famous staple in Texas is Chef Stephen Pyles’ Stampede 66, on McKinney Ave. The food is phenomenal, so we highly recommend staying for dinner. The vibes are truly Texas with southern style cuisine and a Mexican flair. At the bar, order up! The Modern Star Canyon Margarita is an exceptional drink, including prickly pear fruit and a candied jalapeno. Come between 4 and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday to get FREE pork chicarrones in the bar area. Check out their other happy hour deals too!

The Best Places to Eat Free in Dallas if You are Drinking
18 Aug 2017
Back to School - Fav Off-Campus Apartments in Dallas

I don’t know how it happened, but it’s time for back to school. It seems like August snuck up on us this year and now we’re here! It’s about to be class time for popular universities in Dallas and Fort Worth like Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, University of North Texas, and University of Texas.

Here are some of our FAVORITE apartment communities for college students in DFW:

Back to School - Mockingbird Flats


You can’t get much closer to SMU than being right on SMU Boulevard! These gorgeous luxury flats have floor plans featuring up to 3 bedrooms, and the amenities include everything from on-site trainers and complimentary bootcamp classes to stunning downtown Dallas views and a washer/dryer included. There are even restaurants and retail on the first floor here, so you may not have to leave for fun! If you do, all kinds of nightlife, restaurants, and bars are within walking or biking distance.


Another great choice for SMU students! It’s like living at a resort here with the large, lengthy swimming pool (get those laps in!) and the theatre room for perfect movie nights. They welcome all size pets here, and there’s a five story parking garage which means you never have to worry about walking in the rain or finding a close parking spot when you’re coming home with a load of groceries. The beautiful bright kitchens are our favorites – and there are tons of built-in extras for storing your textbooks and school supplies.

Back to School - Arches at Park Cities
Back to School - Century Medical District


Med student? You need a place nearby UT Southwestern and this community fits the bill. These sleek, stylish apartments are perfect for relaxing and studying with one and two bedroom floor plans available. Inside the clubhouse there’s even a latte lounge to keep you going! Washer and dryer are included, and you’re going to love the contemporary feel of each home with designer backsplashes in the kitchen, open spaces, and modern finishes.


Not one, but two pools. That’s just the start of all the good things this community has to offer. Right off of highway 75, for easy access to just about anywhere you have to go – class, your job, or just hanging out with friends. Nestled in one of the newest areas of Dallas, we hear AWESOME things about this community! From the designer kitchens (with under cabinet lighting!) perfect for testing out new recipes, to the fitness studio and co-working spaces, we are in absolute love. There’s even a game lounge with flat screens for viewing parties! Really, you’re at the center of everything here no matter what school you attend.

Back to School - Domain at Midtown

If this is your FIRST Apartment, there are a few things to know.

  1. Decide how much you can really afford in rent. You may be balancing tuition, books, and all kinds of other bills being out on your own for the first time. And rent isn’t just about the rent – think about your cable bill, your electricity, and things like auto insurance and renter’s insurance. Not sure what you can afford? We have a handy guide for you, that can help you figure out exactly what your monthly rent should be.
  2. Pay close attention and be specific with us about how far you can be from campus! Do you have a car with you? Is your campus close to a Dart station or bus stop? Is it absolutely necessary for you to be within walking or biking distance? It’s ok to be really detailed about what you need. Great tips? If you’re going to have a job and need to be at class, draw a circle with a 3-5 mile radius around each one. Is there an intersecting point? That’s where you would ideally want to live!
  3. Be sure to save some $$$ for furnishing and decorating your apartment. You’ll need cleaning supplies and a bed, just for starters. It can be overwhelming to think about starting out on your own for the first time. Luckily, this is Dallas and there are tons of Facebook garage sale sites and Craigslist to get you started. Be safe when you’re purchasing something from anybody you don’t know. Bring a friend and always meet in a public, well-lit place!

That’s the basics about finding an apartment. Using an apartment locator can save you tons of time if you’re busy trying to register for classes and figure out living in a new city. We’re here to help! And it’s a FREE service.

Here are some other tips for living out on your own for the first time:

  • Set some ground rules with your roommate. Talk about everything from having parties, to significant others spending the night, and who’s taking care of chores like taking out the trash!
  • Save the maintenance number that your apartment community gives to you. You WILL need it at some point!
  • Keep your key on you at all times and lock your doors for safety.
  • Be sure to update your address with your school so you get your mail.
  • Set a reminder on your phone to pay rent. It can be tough to remember if this is new, and you don’t want to get stuck with late fees.
  • Treat your apartment like your home, not a dorm room. Decorate to make it feel like home, and keep it clean! Failing to do regular maintenance can mean losing $$$ on your deposit when your lease is up.

Have fun, and enjoy an awesome semester, students!

Back to School - Fav Off-Campus Apartments in Dallas
25 Jul 2017
Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!

Don’t get us wrong, we love Texas. The beautiful winters, being close to the airport for a quick flight (just 2 hours to Mexico, y’all!) and all the BBQ and tacos. Mmm. But let’s get real: it’s nearing the end of July and the words “dog days of summer” have never been more true. With temps soaring into the triple digits (I swear I saw “feels like 109” this weekend on my iPhone) thinking about the heat makes me want to cry a little. If you’ve been to see ever new release movie this summer including Wonder Woman and the latest Spiderman: Homecoming, you’re looking for something a little different to do. Preferably one where you won’t slide off your seat from sweat when you’re done. Have no fear, we’re going to survive the summer! After all, isn’t it like 90 days to all things #PSL?  

Here’s our list for something to do when you feel like melting. This isn’t your usual boring-head-to-the-pool post; we guarantee there is something here you haven’t tried yet!

You can survive on a patio with a sprayer.

Yes, it’s hot. Too hot to sit in the blazing sun but…what about an iced margarita in each hand under a spritzing fan? Being on the patio IS possible this time of year, you just have to know the right one to head out to. We prefer Ozona on lower Greenville, with their well-shaded patio, freezing cold drinks, and spritzing fans. Still too hot? Check out the top floor of Urban Rio in Plano. They literally keep their bar surface nice and chilly so your drink stays cool! This is the place to go for happy hour specials for sure. The windows may be open and they have live music. We also love The Lot by White Rock Lake – it’s a cool spot to hang out with plenty of shade and even a volleyball court.

Rent a SUP or canoe for crying out loud!

Obviously in the heat you either need to be in the shade or in the water. Luckily, there are several places you can rent a kayak, canoe, or SUP board in the DFW area. On the east side? Drive out to Lake Ray Hubbard and rent from the guys over at Kayak Instruction Inc. It’s an affordable way to spend a day in the water – you can even bring your pup! White Rock Lake also rents canoes and kayaks. Need more options? Try Lake Carolyn for the west side of DFW. (Pro tip: Make your significant other paddle while you leave your legs in the water!)

Hit up the Dallas Farmer's Market

If you thought Farmer’s Markets were outdoor sweltering stands of wilting produce, think again. The Dallas Farmer’s Market has TONS of shade, iced coffee, fresh fruit, pickles, and an entire indoor section that is air conditioned. You’ve never seen a market like this! You can browse for hours while sipping or munching on something fresh and sweet. You can even stay a while and have brunch or lunch (or day drink) at one of the awesome restaurants there. Check back regularly for pop up shops and special events.

Grab a popsicle and play in the fountains

Yes, these two activities go together! Visit one of our favorite popsicle stops like Steel City Pops or Berrynaked, grab your favorite flavor (we recommend blood orange from Berrynaked or Coconut from Steel City Pops) and head for some splashing. The best place for a spray and some water? Klyde Warren Park, Addison Circle, and Fountain Place on Ross Ave. You don’t even have to get wet – just being closer to the spray can cool you down!

How are you surviving the Texas heat this summer? If we missed one of your favorites, let us know!

Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!
18 Jul 2017
New, Must-Try Dallas Restaurants

When it’s this hot in the thick of a Texas summer, why would you be cooking and heating up your apartment? With all these amazing new restaurants in Dallas, you literally can go a different place every night. No need to take the time or effort to grocery shop and then prepare your own dinner! Here are our picks for the best new places to check out, no matter what neighborhood you’re in. (Hey, you may even be just around the corner!)

Idle Rye - Must Try Dallas Restaurants

Idle Rye

Whiskey cocktails. Gastropub. Especially if you crave the occasional German or Polish specialty (THERE ARE PIEROGIES on the menu, and if you don’t know what those are it’s a potato-filled noodle heaven), this modern joint will light up your senses. Grab a seat in one of their cushy oversized booths and order a craft cocktail. You won’t be leaving here hungry with staples like schnitzel and a “ridiculous sausage sandwich,” available for dinner. They also serve brunch and lunch, so don’t miss out. Located in Deep Ellum on Elm Street.

Corrientes 348

This Argentinian steakhouse just opened a few weeks ago (June 20) in downtown Dallas. If you love all things beef, this is a must-try. It doesn’t get more authentic than this; Corrientes 248 operates multiple restaurants in Brazil. They have amazing, high quality cuts of meat on the menu, designed for sharing. Each entree comes with family-style sides (think perfectly grilled veggies or large portion salads). Don’t fill up though, because you’ll want to try the Dulce de Leche pancake for dessert.

Corrientes 348 - Must Try Dallas Restaurants
Sachet - Must Try Dallas Restaurants


If you’ve ever been to Gemma over on Henderson Avenue, you’ll want to try this sister restaurant that’s got a more casual vibe with a less expensive menu. While Gemma has a definite California flair, Sachet will feature a Mediterranean-inspired menu. Think pasta, cous cous, lots of olive and grape-based items, and hummus. We can’t wait for the opening! They plan to be open for both lunch and dinner, in the Highland Park area on Oak Lawn Avenue.


Even better than the amazing cocktails (we recommend the Salty Dog) and the small bites (homemade pretzel!) is the breathy, open design of Wheelhouse. It’s like hanging out at your best friend’s dream house patio, with wide open spaces and a sleek industrial feel. Even doggies are welcome on the covered concrete outdoor dining area. Located in the heart of the Design District at the west end of the Decorative Center, this gastropub is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The perfect place to grab a cool mug of local brew, and grab a sandwich, salad, or fish and chips.

Wheelhouse - Must Try Dallas Restaurants
Slater's 50/50 - Must Try Dallas Restaurants

Slater's 50/50

Do you have a serious love affair with pork? What about burgers? Slater’s is all about the three B’s: Bacon, Burgers, and Beer. Try the burger of the month, or design your own choosing from tons of different options like size, bread type, cheese and toppings (even grilled pineapple is an option), and the patty you want. They may be most famous for their 50% ground pork and 50% ground beef patty, the ultimate burger experience. They also have awesome happy hour deals on craft beer Monday through Friday from 11-6. Come try it for yourself on Lower Greenville in Dallas.

New, Must-Try Dallas Restaurants
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