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25 Aug 2017
Eat Free in Dallas If You Drink

Obviously, happy hour is pretty awesome. Drink deals? You bet that I will be there. But what about when the deal gets sweetened with not just drink deals, but FREE FOOD? And this goes way beyond a free bowl of chips and some salsa. SIGN. ME. UP. But, these deals aren’t super publicized, so how will you know? This fall when back to school or work has got you down, grab your pals and head to one of these restaurants and bars in Dallas for sweet drink deals, and free food.

Eat Free in Dallas - Dallas Fish Market

Dallas Fish Market

Wednesday and Friday are perfect days for a happy hour. Head over to Dallas Fish Market on Main Street from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for amazing cocktails, AND a complimentary sushi roll when you purchase an alcoholic drink! We love the Lotus Blossom Sangria and the Fishermans’ Cup (super refreshing for these hot late summer days). Now, those are the only hours where you can get that complimentary roll, but they have great deals with half price bites and drinks for happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m.

Rattlesnake Bar @ the Ritz Carlton

Usually you hear “the guac is extra,” but not at this bar. This is the BEST guacamole you’ve ever had, prepared by a “guacamologist” (whatever that job is I want it). Come have a drink, dressed in your best, for some five-star people watching and an impeccably-made drink. It is the Ritz Carlton, after all. These bites are crafted by the team at Fearing’s, one of the best restaurants in the world. While you’re here getting your 5-o’clock jam on, you’ll be offered sips of some mini margaritas, and perhaps some mini tacos too! All the fun starts at about 5:30-6ish on weekday evenings.

Eat Free in Dallas - Rattlesnake Bar
Eat Free in Dallas - Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime

Not far from the Ritz in Uptown is Ocean Prime – maybe your go-to for a fancy date night or anniversary. But be sure to head over for an after work drink sometimes and have a few bites of truffle popcorn. Warning: it is addictive. Sidle up to the bar, order a drink, and enjoy a bowl (or five) of this amazing popcorn coated in delicious, sumptuous, truffle oil. Popcorn is a completely acceptable dinner alternative, right? We won’t tell anyone.

World Beer Co. (The Bottle Shop)

Are you a fan of the ultimate pairing: pizza + beer? If that’s your go-to, this is the PLACE for you! Check out the World Beer Co. on Lower Greenville, where you’ll find a massive treasure trove of craft beer that you can take home in bottles, cans, growlers, or whatever else your heart desires. But don’t wait until Thursday or Friday to get your drinks for the weekend! Come on in on a Monday to pick up your favorites, and enjoy free pizza while you’re there. They have more specials throughout the week, including $3 Can Sunday Funday and Texas Tuesday (1/2 price select Texas bottles and drafts.) Yum.

Eat Free in Dallas - World Brewing Company
Eat Free in Dallas - Stampede 66

Stampede 66

Another famous staple in Texas is Chef Stephen Pyles’ Stampede 66, on McKinney Ave. The food is phenomenal, so we highly recommend staying for dinner. The vibes are truly Texas with southern style cuisine and a Mexican flair. At the bar, order up! The Modern Star Canyon Margarita is an exceptional drink, including prickly pear fruit and a candied jalapeno. Come between 4 and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday to get FREE pork chicarrones in the bar area. Check out their other happy hour deals too!

The Best Places to Eat Free in Dallas if You are Drinking
18 Jul 2017
New, Must-Try Dallas Restaurants

When it’s this hot in the thick of a Texas summer, why would you be cooking and heating up your apartment? With all these amazing new restaurants in Dallas, you literally can go a different place every night. No need to take the time or effort to grocery shop and then prepare your own dinner! Here are our picks for the best new places to check out, no matter what neighborhood you’re in. (Hey, you may even be just around the corner!)

Idle Rye - Must Try Dallas Restaurants

Idle Rye

Whiskey cocktails. Gastropub. Especially if you crave the occasional German or Polish specialty (THERE ARE PIEROGIES on the menu, and if you don’t know what those are it’s a potato-filled noodle heaven), this modern joint will light up your senses. Grab a seat in one of their cushy oversized booths and order a craft cocktail. You won’t be leaving here hungry with staples like schnitzel and a “ridiculous sausage sandwich,” available for dinner. They also serve brunch and lunch, so don’t miss out. Located in Deep Ellum on Elm Street.

Corrientes 348

This Argentinian steakhouse just opened a few weeks ago (June 20) in downtown Dallas. If you love all things beef, this is a must-try. It doesn’t get more authentic than this; Corrientes 248 operates multiple restaurants in Brazil. They have amazing, high quality cuts of meat on the menu, designed for sharing. Each entree comes with family-style sides (think perfectly grilled veggies or large portion salads). Don’t fill up though, because you’ll want to try the Dulce de Leche pancake for dessert.

Corrientes 348 - Must Try Dallas Restaurants
Sachet - Must Try Dallas Restaurants


If you’ve ever been to Gemma over on Henderson Avenue, you’ll want to try this sister restaurant that’s got a more casual vibe with a less expensive menu. While Gemma has a definite California flair, Sachet will feature a Mediterranean-inspired menu. Think pasta, cous cous, lots of olive and grape-based items, and hummus. We can’t wait for the opening! They plan to be open for both lunch and dinner, in the Highland Park area on Oak Lawn Avenue.


Even better than the amazing cocktails (we recommend the Salty Dog) and the small bites (homemade pretzel!) is the breathy, open design of Wheelhouse. It’s like hanging out at your best friend’s dream house patio, with wide open spaces and a sleek industrial feel. Even doggies are welcome on the covered concrete outdoor dining area. Located in the heart of the Design District at the west end of the Decorative Center, this gastropub is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The perfect place to grab a cool mug of local brew, and grab a sandwich, salad, or fish and chips.

Wheelhouse - Must Try Dallas Restaurants
Slater's 50/50 - Must Try Dallas Restaurants

Slater's 50/50

Do you have a serious love affair with pork? What about burgers? Slater’s is all about the three B’s: Bacon, Burgers, and Beer. Try the burger of the month, or design your own choosing from tons of different options like size, bread type, cheese and toppings (even grilled pineapple is an option), and the patty you want. They may be most famous for their 50% ground pork and 50% ground beef patty, the ultimate burger experience. They also have awesome happy hour deals on craft beer Monday through Friday from 11-6. Come try it for yourself on Lower Greenville in Dallas.

New, Must-Try Dallas Restaurants
30 Sep 2016
Food Trucks in Dallas

What could possibly be better than food trucks? It’s a great way to break away from your office for lunch, get outside, and eat in the fresh air. There’s just something about food trucks that makes us swoon. Why are they so awesome? Well, first of all it’s like the opportunity to taste test from 8 different restaurants. Second, you don’t have to pay for a waiter, and food trucks are super fast but better quality than your drive-through burger and fries.  Also, the atmosphere is fun because eating at those adorable tables while gazing at the Dallas Skyline from Klyde Warren Park is awesome. Here are our favorites!

Food Trucks in Dallas | Gandolfos


The New York Deli came to Dallas, y’all. The Reuben…melts in your mouth. What’s your favorite deli sandwich? Corned beef? Pastrami? Want it covered in sauteed onions or sauerkraut? They’ve got all that and more. Boxed lunches are perfect if you’re on the go, and they have breakfast sammies too!

Food Trucks in Dallas | Nammi


This place hits the spot for our Vietnamese food craving. Classic Banh Mi? They’ve got the best! You can basically build your own at this truck – you choose form four different meats (yes one is a vegetarian option) and then you opt for tacos, a rice bowl, the banh mi, or a noodle bowl. Simple and delicious!

Food Trucks in Dallas | Bobaddiction


If you have yet to try Boba tea, you’re missing out. Jump on this craze! Teas of ALL flavors with fruit and bobas (basically little balls of chewy tasty tapioca that you suck up in a giant straw) are featured on this menu. It truly is an addiction. They’ve also got shaved snow that comes topped with fruit and bobas! Combine all your favorites for a custom masterpiece.

Food Trucks in Dallas | Ruthie's


Otherwise known as “that gourmet grilled cheese” truck. Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? This isn’t your mom’s grilled cheese from your childhood; we guarantee you haven’t had one like this. The “classic” alone has four different kinds of cheese on sourdough. One sandwich on the menu has spinach artichoke dip on the sandwich itself. Yeah. It’s a fave.

Food Trucks in Dallas | Crazy Fish


Who knows going out for sushi can be a pain? Often it involves long waits and super expensive restaurants. The Crazy Fish food truck fixes ALL of that, and the sushi is just as good, if not better, than any restaurant! We love the T.N.T roll with a little bit of Texas spice – jalapeños, tuna, avocado, and cream cheese!

What’s your favorite food truck in the Dallas area? Do you frequent Truck Yard or head out to Klyde Warren Park on the regular to get your fix? Check out individual websites for details on where each truck will be on any given day.

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21 Apr 2016
The BEST New Restaarants in Dallas

Are you tired of heading to the same old grill every Friday night? Are your friends stuck in a rut? This is DALLAS, guys! There are literally thousands of options for food. It’s next to impossible to explore them all. In case you’ve been going to the same place each Friday for fear of venturing out, we decided to showcase a few of the latest and greatest restaurants in the Big D.

It’s a patio. It’s a bar. It’s fresh. If you’re heading to a show, this restaurant is the perfect pre-game located just a block from the American Airlines center. Speaking of pre-game, the outdoor games on the grounds will keep you busy if you have some extra time to kill. The menu features some serious Texas staples like smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Sausages, burgers, chopped salads, and even Frito Pie! Signature cocktails showcase a great deal of creativity, with local liquors like Deep Eddy’s and Red River Texas Bourbon.

Craving just a touch of Asian? Located above Uchi Dallas on Maple Avenue is Top Knot, the latest spot for amazing Asian-inspired dishes. Happy hour is from 5-6:30 daily with five dishes and five drinks highlighted for $5 each. If you go, be sure to stay for dessert featuring house made ice cream (and we spotted an item with mochi cake!)

Ahh, the classic burger. Shake Shack is officially coming to Dallas this year, and trust us, you’ll want to try this burger. It’s 100% all natural Angus beef, juicy and delicious on a non-GMO potato roll. Not into burgers? Cool, because they’ve got you covered. Chicken, Chicago-style loaded hot dogs, beer, wine, and of course, frozen custard and shakes are also on the menu. Be on the lookout! Location is set for Uptown.

Trinity Groves is an exploding area and the newest addition is the Hall Bar and Grill. Truth be told, the Hall is a great place for a burger or tasty appetizer like Creole Strudel, but they’ve also got a variety of steaks on the menu. If your group of pals can’t decide what they want, the Hall is a good option. As its name implies, the Hall is sort of a Hall of Fame for North Texas football. Be sure to check out the photos to see if there’s someone you recognize.

Chef Julian Barsotti is the mastermind behind Sprezza in Oak Lawn. According to the press release, “ Sprezza is a Roman restaurant and tavern that will focus on pizza al taglio (a style typical to Rome), handmade and bronze die extruded pastas, with a concise all Italian wine list, Italian beers, and inspired takes on classic Italian cocktails.” Well, that about sums it up!

This Mexican restaurant in Deep Ellum is like the best two-for-one you could ever ask for. If you don’t have much time, you can order original Mexican tacos from the counter with a number of options from shrimp to pork. If you have time to sit down for dinner, you can visit Purepecha at the same location for a taste of true Mexican flair.

New Dallas Restaurant - Happiest Hour
New Dallas Restaurant - Top Knot
New Dallas Restaurant - Shake Shack
New Dallas Restaurant - The Hall Bar & Grill
New Dallas Restaurant - Revolver Taco Lounge

Have you tried one of these? Know of another new Dallas restaurant? Let us know in the comments or shout out on social media!

The Best New Dallas Restaurants
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