Get ready to break a serious sweat. If you thought cycling classes were for old ladies, you haven’t tried these awesome spin classes that take working out to the NEXT. LEVEL. Why should you try these? First of all, it’s bone-chilling cold outside, so running is only for insane people. Working out in your apartment’s gym can get old pretty quick too, and your local Lifetime Fitness might still be crawling with new year’s resolutions folks. TRY SPIN CLASS. You will not regret it. High energy, pumping music, and your workout will be over before you know it. And let’s face it, anything that makes a workout fun and yet distracts us from the discomfort is worth trying. The sooner we can get to happy hour. Think of it like this: these spin classes are like going to the club minus the alcohol but hanging onto the fun energy and dance vibes. You. will. love. it.

Best Dallas Spin Classes - Fly Wheel Sports

Flywheel in Highland Park

Flywheel is no joke, and goes far beyond simple indoor biking. Each one of these classes is designed to help you build and shape your muscles. The ride incorporates weights that are 2 and 4 lbs, getting your heart rate up and your muscles burning. You can watch all your metrics in real time and compete against other people on the same ride, watching your name move up on the TorqBoard, which keeps track of everyone’s progress. It’s nice to be able to tune into where you are in the workout and find out how far you can push yourself during each interval. You don’t have to be ultra-competitive to try it! And you don’t have to be a super athlete to get started, either. This is one of the most affordable options for trying a class or two, if you’ve never dived into the Spin Class frenzy.

Soul Cycle in Uptown

Get ready for 45 minutes of high-intensity cardio. Pay attention to the “soul” part of SoulCycle, because this is a total mind-body experience. The playlist is curated specifically to match the rhythm of the class. Everyone is working together to achieve results, and you follow the instructor throughout the warm-up and on through to building momentum and intensity. It’s dark, loud, sweaty…and a REALLY good time! They have an easy online booking system where you can choose you day, class, and even the bike you want. It’s all planned out ahead of time eliminating any last minute anxiety if this is your first time. You can try SoulCycle for just $30 – you buy one class and get a second free! No long-term commitments here either. You pay per class.

Best Dallas Spin Classes - Soul Spin
Best Dallas Spin Classes - Cycle Bar

Cyclebar - Uptown

At Cyclebar, you have options. Choose the Classic class for a ride for a mix of strength building and endurance. It will be a challenge, for sure! Want to just zone in and focus? They offer the Connect ride option, where all the video monitors are turned off and you just move with the beat of the music. What is SO much fun are the concert rides – jam to Michael Jackson or come to a themed night. We love the tons of options that make your workout feel more like a party than…well, work. Shoes are included, and the environment is awesome – they keep the CycleTheatre device-free. No distractions so you can focus on your ride. You can try a free introduction ride, or buy monthly class options.

Spin 4 Life Studios - Oaklawn

Spin4Life is a small alternative spin studio in OakLawn. We love the intimate atmosphere – it’s like everybody is family. But just because they’re a bit smaller doesn’t mean they lack options: you can choose from 15 classes each week, without any long-term commitment. It’s also very affordable, with just a $25 drop-in fee per class. You get a great experience with instructors who will push you to your limits, and each session is 50 minutes long. This is a great choice to dip your feet in the water!

Best Dallas Spin Classes - Spin4Life Studios
Best Dallas Spin Classes - The Ride House

The Ride House - University Park

It’s really the well-appointed facilities that set The Ride House apart. It’s part spa, part spin studio. The classes are invigorating (YOU WILL SWEAT), and there are nine options to choose from including a TRX hybrid ride that incorporates some serious strength training off the bike into the workout. Here your shoes will be free your first ride and after that you can rent them each class for $3. They even have class options to work on your core off the bike as well. Try a class for $25, or buy classes in groups of 5, 10, 20, or 40. We are huge fans of the cool towels after each class – hey, it’s the small things!

Full Psycle - Knox/Henderson

Full Psycle will be opening soon! “We move, we dance, we sing, we party!” Sounds like a good time to me. Their location is coming soon on Fitzhugh Ave on the east side of 75. Perfect location if you’re outside of the Uptown area of Dallas. The first ride is free, and you can choose from six different classes each with a different focus. Give into your competitive side where two studios are pitted against each other in real time, or go nuts with Power Hour! We can’t wait to try it.

Best Dallas Spin Classes - Full Psycle
Best Dallas Spin Classes