Moving in with somebody new whether it’s a best friend, an acquaintance, or a significant other is a major change in your life! Will you get along? What if they don’t do the dishes? How will you handle different work schedules? What about their (kinda weird) sense of style? Have no fear! With our tips for getting along with your roommate you’ll be in perfect shape to handle anything that life throws your way (even someone who might be a tad bit messy….)  

You’d be surprised what just a little bit of up front communication can do to help you maintain a successful roommate relationship! It all starts before you ever move in. do not start unpacking the boxes before you talk! It’s basically the DTR (Define The Relationship) for roomies. This person is going to be a huge part of your life, so it’s worth the investment of time and as silly as this may be to start, you will thank yourself six months down the line. This brings us to tip number one.

Set the Ground Rules Early!

No we’re not talking about a Big Bang Theory-level “roommate agreement” but you definitely need to establish some boundaries. Basic stuff – like, are you cool with someone using your dishes? What if your roomie wants to borrow a squirt of your favorite perfume? Now’s the time to say “hey, I’d prefer it if you didn’t use my Keurig/shampoo/whatever.” See? Painless!

Set Expectations for Who Buys What

We’re talking about dish soap, laundry detergent, food… stuff that you will both be using. Have a chat about expenses and how you’ll keep track of it. (This is a good time for a teeny whiteboard on the side of your refrigerator.) Do you want to have a shared budget, or do you want to keep everything separate? Decide how you want to do it, and then stick with it. If it’s shared, make sure you are both contributing equal amounts and agree upon how that $$$ is used.

DON'T be Late with your Rent

That sucks and it’s not cool – if you are splitting an apartment with somebody, make sure you pay your fair share and do it on time. With apps like Google Wallet there’s no excuse for not splitting and paying your fair share! Post it on the fridge – if the first of the month is rent, don’t make your roommate be your mom. This goes for other stuff too – don’t get caught in the habit of owing your roomie money, or being the one always caught “without your wallet.” Nothing creates tension like money issues!

How do you Want to Handle Parties & Significant Others?

If you want to have a boyfriend spend the night, would your roomie appreciate a little bit of advance notice? Have an honest talk about schedules and habits. If your roommate is a morning person, having friends over until 2 a.m. is probably going to cause a rift. Be respectful, and remember that a little bit of communication goes a long way.

Talk about Adulting

Yeah, chores. Boo! Nobody likes them, but it just has to get done. We mentioned paying the rent, but what about who will take out the trash, make the store list when you’re out of toilet paper and who’s cleaning the bathroom when? If dirty dishes on the counter will drive you crazy, now is the time to make sure you speak up. Life gets busy, so talk about it early and you won’t have any problems later on.

Do you have a great tip for getting along with your roommate? Tell us about it! Splitting rent with a friend is an awesome way to save money in Dallas, and we highly recommend it. You might even want to have this chat before you do your apartment search with Dallas Sky Lofts. If you are total opposites, some floor plans might be better than others (like rooms on separate ends of the apartment or two bathrooms instead of one!)

Follow these tips and you’ll be friends for life with your roommate!

How to Get Along with Your Roommate