Quirky. A tad bit artsy. A little bit of an edge. Deep Ellum is a stellar destination just east of downtown. We can’t get enough of this area that’s been WAY upgraded from old warehouses to a hot area with the best places to swing by for lunch or a night on the town with your crew. If you haven’t driven down Elm Street in a while East of Dallas, it’s time to check out all the new stuff Deep Ellum has to offer – and that includes chic places to live like open-air lofts with exposed brick!

What are you into? Craft beer? Got it. Art festivals? Got that too. Donuts? Vegan? Love to live with local options? Deep Ellum has ALL of that and more. It’s hard to describe the vibe here but trust us when we say it has deep, rich cultural roots. For years, Deep Ellum has been a live music destination in Dallas with shows at venues like The Bomb Factory, Trees, and Dada Dallas.

Not big on commuting? No problems here. Loads of Ubers, easy parking options, and just minutes from downtown Dallas. You can walk, ride, run, or even grab the Dart just about anywhere you want to go. That’s a huge upside of this neighborhood. Choose an apartment in Deep Ellum and you may not even need a car. There are tons of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment all within about a 2 mile radius.

Our Favorite Destinations in Deep Ellum

Life in Deep Ellum - Pecan Lodge Restaurant


Pecan Lodge

Choosing a favorite here is nearly impossible. If it’s 2 a.m. and you are starving after a night hitting the bars, you haven’t lived until you’ve been to Serious Pizza for a giant pie. (Watching drunk people try to fit these giant pizza boxes through the door also makes for great entertainment). Glazed Donut Works, Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop and Monkey King Noodle Co are also neighborhood staples. But if we had to pick a favorite? It’s got to be Pecan Lodge, for award-winning, mouth watering, good ‘ol Texas barbecue. Mac ‘n Cheese. Banana Pudding. BRISKET. Ginormous ribs. Mmmmmmm….if you can score some without waiting in a line that’s down the block, this is a Deep Ellum must.

Life in Deep Ellum - Jade & Clover


Jade & Clover

SO MANY THINGS I didn’t know I needed! And now I can’t live without. Jade & Clover is one of the latest in a series of adorable shops to hit Deep Ellum. The perfect thing to complete your bar cart? It’s here. Clothing, accessories, jewelry, and even stuff for guys. These are one-of-a-kind boutique pieces that you very likely won’t find anywhere else. Let’s talk about the succulent arrangements. We LOVE them, and they offer classes to create your own. They even deliver within 7 miles of the store, so if you need a last minute birthday gift for a friend, this is the ticket. The eco-friendly environment of the store is super inspiring, so it is worth grabbing a coffee and hanging out for a few hours to get your creative juices flowing.

Life in Deep Ellum - The Case


The Case Building

This 17-story high rise has nearly 340 residences that feature killer, industrial interiors. Studios start at $1300 a month and they have options all the way up to a 2-bedroom with over 1400 square feet. These apartment homes mimic the artistic feel of the surrounding area in Deep Ellum – right when you walk in the door you experience the big, open spaces and brick wall accents. Tons of amenities are available for residents including a cocktail bar in the lobby, a co-working lounge, coffee bar, fitness studio, and you get the luxury of the dog park just down the street! Combine all these with the gorgeous views and a fantastic pool, and it’s one of our fav places to live in the whole city.

Life in Deep Ellum - Kettle Art Gallery


Kettle Art Gallery

You don’t even have to enter a local shop to see art in Deep Ellum; it’s all over the walls on the streets. This is one of the added charms of the neighborhood, but if you’re looking for a cool artistic place indoors, we recommend checking out the Kettle Art Gallery. Supporting local artists is incredibly meaningful and a great way to get involved in your community. This volunteer-run shop features local artists and regularly rotates the exhibits.

Life in Deep Ellum - Drugstore Cowboy


Drugstore Cowboy

Delicious coffee drinks, craft beers, and even cocktails. You can come work here at 7 a.m. or try late afternoon for happy hour. The Drugstore Cowboy is a Deep Ellum favorite, with a wide variety of drinks for everyone. We love the comfortable, homey vibe here – and it is flawlessly Texan (some chairs are even made out of antlers and cow hide!) Plenty of large windows to let in natural light, and lots of space so grab some work, a good drink, and find a cozy corner to hole up in for a while.

Deep Ellum has come a long way in the last few years but the history and culture is still evident around every corner. There are so many things to do from boutique shopping to coffee shops, late night shows and bars, to loads of restaurants to try. Living in Deep Ellum is a great adventure, not to mention affordable and a perfect location.

Does this sound like the neighborhood for you? Don’t miss the Deep Ellum Arts Festival this spring! Spend a day or two exploring and if you can’t get enough, call our expert Dallas Apartment Locators. We’ll help you find the perfect industrial loft that matches your style and budget.

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