Don’t get us wrong, we love Texas. The beautiful winters, being close to the airport for a quick flight (just 2 hours to Mexico, y’all!) and all the BBQ and tacos. Mmm. But let’s get real: it’s nearing the end of July and the words “dog days of summer” have never been more true. With temps soaring into the triple digits (I swear I saw “feels like 109” this weekend on my iPhone) thinking about the heat makes me want to cry a little. If you’ve been to see ever new release movie this summer including Wonder Woman and the latest Spiderman: Homecoming, you’re looking for something a little different to do. Preferably one where you won’t slide off your seat from sweat when you’re done. Have no fear, we’re going to survive the summer! After all, isn’t it like 90 days to all things #PSL?  

Here’s our list for something to do when you feel like melting. This isn’t your usual boring-head-to-the-pool post; we guarantee there is something here you haven’t tried yet!

You can survive on a patio with a sprayer.

Yes, it’s hot. Too hot to sit in the blazing sun but…what about an iced margarita in each hand under a spritzing fan? Being on the patio IS possible this time of year, you just have to know the right one to head out to. We prefer Ozona on lower Greenville, with their well-shaded patio, freezing cold drinks, and spritzing fans. Still too hot? Check out the top floor of Urban Rio in Plano. They literally keep their bar surface nice and chilly so your drink stays cool! This is the place to go for happy hour specials for sure. The windows may be open and they have live music. We also love The Lot by White Rock Lake – it’s a cool spot to hang out with plenty of shade and even a volleyball court.

Rent a SUP or canoe for crying out loud!

Obviously in the heat you either need to be in the shade or in the water. Luckily, there are several places you can rent a kayak, canoe, or SUP board in the DFW area. On the east side? Drive out to Lake Ray Hubbard and rent from the guys over at Kayak Instruction Inc. It’s an affordable way to spend a day in the water – you can even bring your pup! White Rock Lake also rents canoes and kayaks. Need more options? Try Lake Carolyn for the west side of DFW. (Pro tip: Make your significant other paddle while you leave your legs in the water!)

Hit up the Dallas Farmer's Market

If you thought Farmer’s Markets were outdoor sweltering stands of wilting produce, think again. The Dallas Farmer’s Market has TONS of shade, iced coffee, fresh fruit, pickles, and an entire indoor section that is air conditioned. You’ve never seen a market like this! You can browse for hours while sipping or munching on something fresh and sweet. You can even stay a while and have brunch or lunch (or day drink) at one of the awesome restaurants there. Check back regularly for pop up shops and special events.

Grab a popsicle and play in the fountains

Yes, these two activities go together! Visit one of our favorite popsicle stops like Steel City Pops or Berrynaked, grab your favorite flavor (we recommend blood orange from Berrynaked or Coconut from Steel City Pops) and head for some splashing. The best place for a spray and some water? Klyde Warren Park, Addison Circle, and Fountain Place on Ross Ave. You don’t even have to get wet – just being closer to the spray can cool you down!

How are you surviving the Texas heat this summer? If we missed one of your favorites, let us know!

Things to do in Dallas when it is+100 Degrees Outside!